Laboratory Perfumes (2012)

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So this is not a warm and golden, amber scent. Amber must be in reference to ambergris, which this does have a salty, muskiness to it. However, this is more easily recognized as an Aventus clone.

It’s decent in that it very pleasant and does resemble the Creed. It’s more lemon than pineapple and it feels very balanced between the citrus and the wood. In fact, it’s dialed down in all areas. Less smoke, less leather, less sweetness. It’s like Aventus for the office.

Performance depends on what you’re after. Projection is average while longevity is good, lasting all day.
Jul 26, 2020

Ambergris? I doubt it.
Nov 21, 2019

Notes of Creed Aventus, perhaps from the ambergris tunes.
An edge of masculinity in its strength. Lasts all day. Complements galore. Men find it irresistible.
Apr 15, 2014

Very nicely made fragrance, basically a light amber and woody one -- so is derivative, but hey, it's not expensive and wears like a dream. Longevity and sillage are both excellent. Niche can be cheap.
Dec 10, 2012

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