Amber Absolute 
Tom Ford (2007)

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Tom Ford
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Tom Ford
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Part of Tom Ford's Private Blend Collection

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Reviews of Amber Absolute by Tom Ford

There are 56 reviews of Amber Absolute by Tom Ford.

Absolutely unisex but in my mind it's a gentleman like James Mason.makes you want to be a better man.this is a thick,chewy and murky scent which lends itself to the winter months,as night descends on those foggy, grey,wintery days and one shrouds oneself in a thick heavy coat,to protect the body from the icy cold.deep,dark, gorgeous,spicy,addictive,magnetic,balsamic not aggressively herbal,and so luxurious.

A waterfall of luscious amber. very well composed.a classic amber enriched with natural resinshe amber is a dry and dusty powdery vanilla,which combines with the resins and spices,these natural resins mixed with labdanum and sandalwood.this is not as much a sweet amber as it is a dirty one.this is what you pair in the cold days,having people looking back at you whilst you make an impact.performance is very good.
Apr 29, 2021

Amber Absolute is no longer in production. Anyone new to the TF AA game will have to settle for decants or spend your time and money on the game of eBay roulette. I chose a decent sized decant because you can’t play Amber Battle Royale without Amber Absolute. At the time of testing AA it is going against Olympic Orchid Amber, MPEG Ambre Precieux, Yves Rocher Voile d’Ambre, Boucheron Alexandria, Ambre Loup, Ambra Aurea, a few SHL 777, Camel, some Puredistance, Amber Aoud (oddly not an amber), Amber Mystique, Grand Soir, Ambre Khandjar, Omnia Ambra, and a couple of Xerjoff.

Thus far I am not blown away in the sense I need to relentlessly pursue a FB of discontinued Amber Absolute. How I interpret that is less how I feel about Amber Absolute and more either I’m not hotly into amber or there are solid alternatives.

To be certain TF hits the spot, shamelessly so. It’s pure, potent, and balanced like a custom-made weapon. If I were not a ‘mature’ woman I don’t think I could wear this, and if I were a decade older than I am now I don’t think I could wear this. Like Pheusinger, I hang with team TF tough. It is beyond my ken why something so popular and well-loved would be discontinued but here we are. Should you pursue it? I know I won’t and not because I’m not impressed—I am. But there are alternatives worth consideration that are in production and I don’t see myself wearing this often.

Strangely, my experience with AA at present coming from the Amber Battle Royale has made me reassess where I stand on Spiriteuse Double Vanille from neutral to seriously contemplating a full bottle. There is something in the balance of SDV that AA reinforced, perhaps the restrained sweetness.
Nov 11, 2020

As others have said here, it really does open up sort of boozy, and just a tad bit animal dirty. That all goes away quickly, and AA becomes this powerful amber patchouli bomb! I get a little blended in incense, however I wish it had more. It’s moist and thick like most of the TF private blends, and lasts all day. I think it has some nice similarities to Sahara Noir too. Very well done!
Jan 20, 2020

I'm starting a week of Amber heavy frags with an off-the-scoreboard home run. To be clear, I'm a big Tom Ford fan. And juice like this is why. It's big, and delivers a boozy shot followed by Amber accord and incense swirling around each other. The patchouli whispers in and out. It lasts and projects. The only down side will be finding 6 more amber heavy scents as beastly as this one.
Feb 17, 2019

I mainly get amber and incense. Very seductive and nuclear projection, longevity & sillage. Not my style as i'm not a massive amber fan but masterfully blended and surely one of the best amber fragrances ever made!!?
Nov 3, 2018

Just got my bottle of Amber Absolute, and here's my experience with it...

Starts out boozy, but not overwhelmingly so. There is a resemblance to a glass of Sambuca, strong with licorice note. The alcohol subsides within a minute, and the African incense plus amber accord really stick out.

Patchouli also becomes quite evident, brighter than what I'd usually experience with other colognes. Labdanum and sandalwood are subtly intertwined about the former notes, and what I get minutes from spray-on is a very pleasant, powdery high-quality amber that is just AWESOME.

It doesn't smell multi-layered in the end: It is a composite construction, putting forth a smooth, spicy and sweet vibe that leans towards an oriental family of fragrance. It just feels great, and it gets compliments every time I wear it.

Amber Absolute is a masterpiece that is addictive and appealing, worthy of being in any serious collector's arsenal.
Sep 19, 2018

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