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Amazone (new) by Hermès

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Symbolic of a free, modern femininity, Amazone takes its inspiration from the mythical horsewomen who, according to legend, ruled over the shores of the Black Sea.

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Reviews of Amazone (new) by Hermès

There are 6 reviews of Amazone (new) by Hermès.

Hermès Amazone EdT

What a strange fragrance!

When I took the initial whiff from the sample bottle, I was smacked by Dr. Pepper-spicy and syrupy. I almost did not put it on. In fact, it took me two weeks and a few more sniffs of the decant to finally put it on. Although the florals overtook the scent for me, I'm glad I finally decided to give it a go.

It started with a blast of smoky church incense and far off spices with powdered fruity-florals approaching. Something a little naughty, dirty was sneaking up in the back. As the scent dried down, all the alluring smokiness and incense-like notes disappeared as they were overtaken by sweetened red fruits and powdery, aged florals. There's a softened green quality running throughout and mild spiciness lingers. Sadly, not enough to counteract the floral notes (on me).

This is another example of a fragrance where I got caught up in the romance of the scent story, only to be let down as the concoction mingled with my body chemistry. I'd like to smell it on someone else because I have a feeling that it would be delicious on another.

Genre: Floral

Amazone lets go with a wallop of potent, soapy aldehydes along with its sweet citrus and herb (basil and tarragon?) top notes. The tangy herbs persist into the central green fruity floral and leather movement. Besides jasmine, ylang-ylang, and amber Amazone's core includes a blend of aromatics at times reminiscent of certain “barbershop” masculine fougères.

Meanwhile, the aldehydinc green floral, leather, and amber motif bears some resemblance to Estée Lauder's Aromatics Elixir and its male siblings Aramis 900 and Devin. In fact, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to learn that Amazone too was composed by Bernard Chant. Though Amazone is brighter, sweeter, and softer than any of the Lauder/Aramis analogs, it's still sufficiently rugged that, as a man, I wouldn't hesitate to wear it in public.

Rose eventually emerges as a dominant floral note, and persists well into Amazone's ambery drydown. The scent's power and projection are well-modulated throughout its several hour lifespan. While it makes its presence known, it is at no time loud, crass, or abrasive. All told, Amazone is an enjoyable and well-made – if not terribly exciting – fragrance.

I just encountered this, and fell so in lust. Like Hillaire, I love the mix of this fragrance--the way it comes on with a come hither weirdness and then just gets hotter on my skin. I get leather, and spice, and some green bite, and an animal skin raunch all blended together into a mix that intoxicates me.

It has a bit of good sillage, a bit of projection, and staying power on my skin. Later on, after a few hours, it seems to sink into my very skin and become part of me. But I can still smell it.

I love this so much I want to lick my arms when I wear it.

Just got my tiny dabbing sample of this. Had I known how astonishingly beautful this creation was, I would have stockpiled a ton of it in all its strengths. I weep at the thought of this in pure perfume and that it has been dumped by Hermes in that strength as has the EdP. I love mostly all of Mr. Elena's creations in their spare ethereal beauty, but hope they won't paint their entire fragrance collection with the 'minimalist' brush. Now on to Amazone. Opens extremely briefly with a dark green vegetal smack, then moves smoothly onto the most gorgeous, lush, but bright florals (don't ask me what they are, they are blended seemlessly to my nose). Yes it is sweet, but in the most elegant and rich way. This must still have a good hit of oakmoss, because it always makes whatever else is in a fragrance, rich, deep and mellow in my skin. Womanly, beautiful, utterly haunting. How they could deem this unworthy of EdP and Parfum and bring Kelly Caleche to us in all three strengths absolutely gob smacks me and I'm not even British! If they wanted something lighter, why didn't they leave this one alone and just continue to release the lite version. And by the way, I like Kelly Caleche, I just don't think the EdP compares to the EdT and don't think it is a composition worthy of Parfum, but I haven't tried that strength. Time to stock up on Amazone . . . . again!!!! A thousand thumbs WAAAAY up!

fine and sweet, sometimes too sweet, very feminine

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