Amazingreen fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Palm tree leaves, green pepper, dew mist, jungle leaves
  • Heart

    • Ivy leaves, orris roots, coriander seeds, silex
  • Base

    • Gunpowder accord, vetiver, smoke, white musk

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Honestly, kind of disappointing and a little boring to me. Would not wear this. Bvlgari Aqva comes to mind, it's very straight forward on my skin, and more of a blue scent than green imo. Not my jam.
12th June 2023
Another that "I really wanted to like". The notes, the idea, the brand, the perfumer.. what's not to like? Unfortunately, this one sucks, plain and simple.

Initial opening, nice, but boring. The overall feel of green is certainly there, but it's masked behind enough citruses, that it's hard to determine the real top notes, it's just melange right now, like a fruit salad of sorts.

Fast forward 10 minutes, the notes start separating, and the first one I pick up on, is green pepper. I have only smelled this note in a few fragrances, and it's NOT good in Amazingreen! It's just weird. It kinda smells like burn green pepper, but not in a culinary way either, there is nothing savory about it. It smells like burnt synthetic green pepper note. Fast forward 20 minutes in, the green pepper is still there but it starts to take on a carrot seed or carrot sort of smell, my guess would be the orris root, which can sometimes smell like carrots. It's really just not enjoyable.

I guess that burnt smell I was getting was the odd "gunpowder note". If I had to guess, although CdG is known for doing weird stuff, I don't think it was the intent for this particular fragrance in this line, which does well with sticking to the name, and not getting all unorthodox. I think what happened was, they werestarting to roll these out into production, when the final test panel noticed this god awful smell. Instead of reformulating it again, because it would be way too expensive they said .. "let's just make up an imaginary note, of something it kinda, sorta resembles, and go with it, and hope they like it" exhibit a: I give to you GUNPOWDER! In other words, I don't think it was deliberate. This is something that doesn't happen too often in fragrances, but if you know people in the business, they would tell you just what I told did. Something got overdone in production, too much of the smoke enhancing molecule they were aiming for, which is probably why they also added "vetiver smoke" whatever the hell that is. Yes, I know, they have put gunpowder as a deliberate note in fragrances before, like Full Choke for example, but it seems intended, it goes with the flow there, it's not way out of place. There's also the chance I am completely wrong, and if I am, I apologize for misleading information, but nobody will really know for sure. Just as long as I've been into fragrances, and the things I've seen and heard, and when you're around fragrances for so long, and have made your own too, you can pretty much tell what was a blueprint brought to life, and what was a mistake. This was a mistake.

Amazingreen is not a bad fragrance, it just needs to be reformulated, and fixed, and then it will be safe and boring to many, and having its already somewhat bad reputation, it may not sell, and new customers may find it boring if they reformulate, so why bother, is the question to be answered.
26th August 2020

It's amazing! It's green! It's....AMAZINGREEN! (Not entirely swept away by it myself...oh well...)

With this CdG scent, I get a slight green pepper and tree leaf vegetal quality, with a bit of cindered ashes and vetiver pairing up in an interesting way. It is aromatic, with slight spiciness and that exotic fruity orris root adding a slight tang. A tasteful touch of white musk caps this unusual, fresh fragrance.

I really can't think of another scent that resembles Amazingreen. To me, the amazingness (!) comes from unonventional mis of the leafy greens plus smoky-moss and spice character which is vegetal and a bit adventurous.

Would I wear it? I don't know. I have so many other green scents in my collection that I would turn to first, with most having very typical construction. Amazingreen is a bit eccentric, but not awkwardly so; if one can resolve the unusual smoky-mossy-leafy-minutely tangy quality of it, then maybe he / she can wear it.
14th November 2018
This is a fun fragrance.
I agree with one of the previous reviewers. I am also familiar with the smell of spent gun cartridges and its fresh green mixed with a hint of that.
Its fun and fresh and more masculine than unisex and nice for a hot day but lacks true depth and class to be taken really seriously but there is nothing wrong with bit of fun!
21st May 2018
Very pleasant and refreshing. Definitely fits the description of a green scent. Smells great for casual or business wear, warm or cold.

Projects a little better than average and lasts about 6 hours.
3rd November 2017
I'm just working through my CDG sample set. I've worn this 6 or so times. I find Amazingreen to be pleasant and worthy of wearing often. However, most of the scent I can smell is from what is sprayed on my shirt. I still like it though.
5th May 2017
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