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Amarige by Givenchy

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Amarige is a women's perfume launched in 1991 by Givenchy

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Reviews of Amarige by Givenchy

There are 70 reviews of Amarige by Givenchy.

Started by Revlon in the 70's. Passed to Giorgio in the 80's. Passed to Givenchy Amirage in the 90's.
Big,over- dubbed Tuberose boosted by Aromachemical nonsense to confuse the Masculine mind and push the gag reflex into overdrive.
Go away!

This is a lovely vintage style floral but there is a lemongrass note I dislike (I find it in Ysatis and other rose fragrances as well). The violet in the opening makes it fresher (and a bit more modern and better for me) than Ysatis. The sweet plum is an original addition and the peach (I smell melon) is great as well. Good performances.

Here I find myself buying a new bottle of Amarige just this weekend. Just one spray and I took a trip down nostalgia lane. Amarige has incredible longevity and in the summer heat doesn't overwhelm either. It reminded me of my youth in the 90's in all my grunge wear - flannels and Doc Martins.

Amirage, along with Pleasures and Casmir were the core fragrances in my late teens and early 20's and I still have a sweet spot for them.

Vintage Amarige. Not much for top notes left - some orange blossom, neroli, and rosewood. The middle and base survived fairly well. It is damp, with "greenish" flowers. The middle and base notes are seriously blended so well, it is hard for me to distinguish individual notes. Some woodiness to it. I consider this a rather sophisticated perfume. A lot like others from that time frame. It is mature and womanly. Nothing particularly stands out but, it is classic.

Nice for wearing occasionally. I like the peachy sandalwood in it. I wish I could like it more, but I doubt I will buy it again.

A deep, dark opening of ripe, fruity plum and touches of raisin that soon gives way to the high-power floral onslaught: a tuberose is tuberose is tuberose. This tuberose is deep, dark, with some, but not a lot, of waxiness attached to it. A whole battery of other floral notes are needed to counteract the soaring central tuberose: a darkish rose for starters, with jasmine, orchids and carnation contributing their shares.

The second stage mellows a bit and grows sweeter, owing to to tonka and ylang-ylang, and whiffs of a light musky undertone. Towards the end touches of neroli add a slightly brighter note.

I get strong sillage, excellent projection and nine hours of longevity on my skin.

A vintage edition from about 20 years ago was richer, with the tuberose more accomplished and the ylang-ylang a bit more prominent.

A rich scent for cool spring and warm autumn evenings, this is for the tuberosophilic only. In all its headiness it still is quite balanced on me, and never cloying or overly intrusive, except, perhaps, for the first minute or so. The main drawback - and the main reason for the neutral score, is an, at times overbearing, synthetic nature of the core components. 2.75/5, but 3/5 for the vintage version.

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