An imaginary tree moss as complex as it is deep, revealing an amber warmth between sage, dried fruit and blond tobacco. The sweet sap of Hinoki Wood, the strange floral vapor of an albizia under the sun crowned by the brightness of the blood orange.

Alphaora 30 fragrance notes

    • blood orange, albizia blossom, hinoki sap, assam moss

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Latest Reviews of Alphaora 30

This fragrance can be considered a decent clone of BR540. It bears resemblance to BR540 mainly due to its slightly lower price point. However, it's worth noting that there are even more affordable alternatives available that offer a similar scent profile, such as Amber Oud Rouge by Al Haramain.
26th June 2023
Smells like an aromatic panna cotta, I like it. If you like the idea of forest and grass smells, but they are too harsh I would recommend trying this one. It's very mellow and the sharpness is toned down by the fruity notes, tabacco and the ambergris.
22nd May 2021