Almond Cucumber 
Shay & Blue (2012)

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Reviews of Almond Cucumber by Shay & Blue

An impulse summer buy that I left boxed for weeks, fearing I’d made a ghastly mistake. What had grabbed me in the shop was the cool and true just-sliced cucumber – why hadn’t anyone thought of it before? Who would want to smell like that? (Me! Me!) But having bought a small bottle, I lost my bottle a bit – what if this devolved into a synthetic mess that screamed ‘Cheapo aquatic!’?
The main surprise when I finally opened my box and wore it was how the cucumber interacted with the sweeter notes to give a suggestion of melon. It kind of weaves in and out, registering as a lovely, fresh cucumber, and then going into white melon mode before nodding towards the cucumber again. The almond is at first a touch of bitterness at the back of the throat, but is then pretty quiet and channelled in a floral direction, which seems like a missed opportunity. Eventually this fragrance turns into a transparent floral with cucumber on its breath and an odd thyme-like accent that, depending upon one’s mood, somehow works or is jarring as hell.
It’s weird, it’s a bit simple, it evokes water but in an almost jellied kind of way, it would probably work better as a soap. Toning down the sweetness would have helped enormously, making a starker, bolder statement.
What got to me eventually were the headachy aquatics coupled with impressive persistence – unbearable after a few hours. Still, this is a decently constructed composition, but one I’d rather catch a passing whiff of than wear myself.
Feb 6, 2015

The cucumber is nice, and there is a refreshing feeling to this scent that is counterbalanced by a pleasant almond and, at a meter stage some floral notes with wood - the latter are a bit unspecific on my skin. The first part is quite convincing though and wants a -just- positive score. I get moderate sillage, adequate projection and four hours of longevity. 3/5
Jan 26, 2015

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