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Laura Mercier

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There are 2 reviews of Almond Coconut by Laura Mercier.

When I received this in a grab-bag sampler from The Perfumed Court I thought it sounded ghastly, but today after showering with a light coconut gel and using a light almond moisturiser I suddenly realised I had used the same combination of scents myself. So I decided to try the sample, after all. I liked it! That said, it must be used very sparingly as it is a scent you want to smell wafting on the air not holding your wrist to your nose, but it is very pleasant, tropical, fun, and a nice relief from more serious scents.Definitely in the gourmand category!
Mar 27, 2010

Gourmand at its best! This is a sweet treat. Syrupy sweet almond and coconut mingle with vanilla. It smells like a cross between some delicious pastry, and a tropical vacation. A must try in my book, but I am a sweet lover. If you do not like sweet foody gourmands, this one is probably not for you. Wear at your own risk, someone may want to take a bite!
Jun 15, 2008

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