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Almas by Boadicea the Victorious

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Reviews of Almas by Boadicea the Victorious

There are 2 reviews of Almas by Boadicea the Victorious.

To me, the first couple of minutes is the deepest , richest , unique and unusuall pineapple...spicy Lapidus from an alternate reeality...a nice sheer/misty oud kicks in...pretty quickly transitions into a rose/oud with a touch of green/herb...a little other flower scent touches on top of the rose...smells of exquisite blending and top of the line ingredients...exotic and otherworldly...has the same luxury and general profile putting it in the same arena with Amouages and Xerjoffs...this is one of those mutating shape shifter fragrances that continually evolves so that every time you take a whiff it smells my nose, overall . similar to Xerjoff More than Words...a nice rich thick juicy rose/oud...good stuff...

Well, what I can say about Almas.
Let me start by letting you all know that in Almas, Christian Provenzano has created a truly beautiful thing.
Cosy like your favourite blanket, warm like a lazy holiday in the sun with your book and cocktail, discrete like an expensive hotel concierge, he knows everything but, says nothing and, above all, powerful like Boadicea herself!
Heavenly Rose, Cuddly Sandalwood, warm suede, exotic saffron, paradise pineapple, glorious jasmine... the list goes on and on.
It is a mind blowing experience coming through your nose that reaches your very soul.
Yet, for all its power, it is kind to your skin and , the nose of those around you. Never vociferous but, always there in the background, like a reassuring trusted friend quietly telling you... you'll be all right, I am here for you.
An absolutely magical experience!
It does not come cheap but, then again, something this good never does.
Definitely thumbs up!

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