Allure Homme Sport Eau Extrême fragrance notes

    • mint, mandarin, clary sage, sandalwood, white musk, tonka bean, cedarwood

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My fragrance of choice for a first date, outing or casual meeting during spring, summer and fall! It’s definitely alluring and I don’t care that the performance isn’t beast mode. A little bit of warm weather makes this fragrance shine. Something about the citrus-tonka combo just works. I know, I know, Chanel is expensive and never discounted, but I use my Macy’s rewards to reduce the price. Big thumbs up!
10th July 2023
I was hoping for an amped up version of the original, but it took a twist with the addition of mint. It's a fine fragrance, but I get a Le Male DNA vibe from the base, and that just turns me off. There's a bit of a powdery element that I get from the combination of mint and tonka bean.

This is a decent fragrance that lasts all day, but I don't enjoy it due to personal taste.
22nd February 2022

This fragrance receives a lot of love from fragrance collectors, yet for me this is an ok fragrance. Not bad, but not something I particularly enjoy or get excited about. It's opening smells harsh and synthetic to me and reminds me of bug spray. However it dries down and reveals more musk and seems more pleasant. It lasts most of the day and projects well.
23rd May 2021
Chanel Allure Homme Eau Extreme by Chanel is a fragrance imbued with aromatic and musky aromas.

Fresh, sparkling notes of Italian mandarin are combined with green notes of Moroccan cypress. Enveloping notes of white musk, boosted by an almond accord of Venezuelan tonka bean gradually evolve into an intensely sensual aura.

A blend of sweet citruses with delicate mint seasoned with pepper in the opening. Warm and sweet tonka bean-sandalwood accord in heart. Equally warm and sweet base additionally enhanced with musk. All these stages result in the blend being seemingly delicate, yet rich.
14th August 2020

It does smell like the original. But it is different. Sort of like taking a different route to get somewhere. Its got some more strength, and to me its a little sweeter. It has a textural difference. The tonka cream is enhanced by the sandalwood. The aldehydes are gone. I suppose it smells like todays man, but to me it smells like a girl. Blending and ingredients are good. I prefer the original. Neutral.
30th January 2020
Doesn't feel sporty at all; i really didnt like this one when i first smelled it, well, i still dont get crazy about it. However this has gotten me positive reactions so far, so i guess i'll keep repurchasing for as long as they keep making'em.
21st September 2019
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