Allure Homme Sport 
Chanel (2004)

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Allure Homme Sport by Chanel

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A fresh scent created by Chanel's master perfumer Jacques Polge. The metallic bottle was inspired by Chanel's J12 watch.

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Reviews of Allure Homme Sport by Chanel

There are 206 reviews of Allure Homme Sport by Chanel.

Not creaming yourself for the creamy citrus and musks in AHS is probably a bannable offense in fragcomm. Nonetheless, I have to admit I find this a snoozer and the suggestion that this is worth $125/100mL laughable.

Regardless, this sits with light blue eau intense as one that many men dislike or find average while women seem to go wild for.

A absolutely gorgeous fragrance and one of the best designer scents a man can buy. I get a beautiful blend of sexy creamy orange citrus with that Aqua di Gio marine note which runs throughout the composition from start to finish. Followed by a woody vanilla musk mixed in with neroli, it's quite complex and has your nose entertained whilst it lasts. The scent gets you noticed with compliments with people asking you, what are you wearing. I love that marine note, it gives me that vacation in the Bahamas feeling.

I get five hours longevity where the first two are the best for sillage and projection. Then it stays close to you but is still decent. I noticed it lasts way longer if you spray it on clothing.

All in all I love this scent and it gets a big thumbs up from me!

If you love the scent when you sample this fragrance, then go for it. I made the mistake of buying Versace Pour Homme, which has a citrus scent but lacks the creaminess that balances it out.

The Eau Extreme version has some similarities, but the aquatic vibe is overshadowed by the Tonka, which reminds me of the Le Male DNA. Eventually, I settled on Missoni Wave, which combines AHS and Versace Pour Homme, but it still cannot replicate the creaminess. If I could restart my fragrance journey, I would have gone straight for AHS.

Projection and sillage are moderate, and it lasts a workday, so there's not much to complain about. Some might call it boring, but it remains one of my favourites from the Chanel designer line.

Chanel Allure Homme Sport Review

This is an interesting one. This was one of the first fragrances I bought when I was starting my collection. I thought it was a solid, but uninteresting fragrance. It smelled inoffensive and clean. I went years without picking up my bottle. I never had any desire to wear it. At one point, I seriously considered selling it. I'm very glad I didn't. Here's why...

AHS opens with a really nice orange note. This transitions to a fresh and clean neroli mid. Finally, the fragrance enters into a dry down comprised of a vanilla, tonka bean, and musk mixture.

Yes, it's true that this isn't the most challenging fragrance. My initial impressions of this being clean and inoffensive aren't inaccurate per say. That being said, this also smells really good. AHS has definitely grown on me over time. You can't go wrong with this one. It's perfect for any occasion and at any time of year.

Some of you are probably wondering if you should choose this or the eau extreme version. Obviously, sampling is the best way to determine this. I'll say that I currently prefer this version. This has a more balanced dry down to my nose. The vanilla, tonka bean, and musk combination really works. I find eau extreme to be much more tonka heavy. If that's your thing, absolutely go for it. You can't go wrong with either.

I'll also note that this performs way better on my skin than it used to. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's the aging of my bottle. I do have an older version of this. All I know is that I used to get average performance and now, with only one spray, this lasts much longer on my skin.

Projection/Sillage- Medium
Longevity- 12 hours
Season- Any
Occasion- Any
Smell- 8/10
Overall- 8/10

YouTube Channel: theaveragecologneguy

Not stunning, not bad, I agree with most of the neutral ratings. However there's something in this fragrance that puts me off everytime I smell it. It's probably one of the notes that makes it a little feminine, something that smells like eyeliner or something. I can't seem to get used to this fragrance because of this.


Opens up with citrus, tonka, and aquatics. Copied many times in style, I seem to smell a worse version of this all the time. The difference here is the aldehydes. Its got some jump, snap. I always enjoy them, but they do tend to veer a fragrance into the feminine territory for me. I could wear it, but it would not be out of place on the feminine counter. People will think you smell good. Tough call between up and neutral. Blending is nice, ingredients smell pretty good, but the price is pretty high, since all discounted ones are fakes. Thumbs up.

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