Designed to build on the ready built market from Chanel's Allure for women, this fragrance has a wide appeal from young to old. A sensual fragrance in a square bottle with a champagne colour top.

Allure Homme fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Bergamot, Mandarin, Citron Zest
  • Heart

    • Jamaican Pepper
  • Base

    • Vetiver, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Tonka Bean, Labdanum

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Green apple, turns into anise/licorish, cinnamon, very grown up, and elegant. Unfortunately, it's was probably copied by so many shower gels and deodorants for men, that it smells like that to me, albeit with a bit of extra depth. Performance is excellent
12th June 2023
I don't get the hype on this. Opens with an ambiguous kind of lemon/bergamot, a mildly cloying floral note (though no floral is listed), a galoxide white musk, a healthy dose of Iso E Super and tonka. The floral note diminishes but does not disappear, and the citrus fades completely within a hour. What remains is a vanilla/synthetic musk with odd floral tones. I don't get any of the woods or vetiver that are listed in the profile. I would take Givenchy Gentleman EdP over this any day. I am disappointed because I really wanted to like this. I may just have an issue with Chanel fragrances, because other than the vintage Anteus (which was the fragrance that got me into the hobby in the first place), I have been let down by Egoiste, modern Anteus, Bleu de Chanel and now Allure. So if you are a fan of Chanel, your mileage may vary considerably.
5th April 2023

Allure, much like other long-standing staples in the Chanel line, has been watered down. I got a sample after buying some skincare at the boutique. This is a fragrance I’ve returned to off and on for the last 20 years. I know it like the back of my hand. Allure usedto be an assault to the nose upon first spray. SO tart and sour; it shouted, then the tonka and labdanum mellowed it out 30 min later. Now there’s a little tart in the beginning, and then it just dissipates to basenotes. I used to only use one spray of this stuff and it lasted for half a day! I just sprayed the sample on the back of my hand and can barely smell it after an hour.
9th November 2021
To add a voice to the choir:

I absolutely fell in love with this scent at first sniff. It is a sublime, fruity, creamy, semi-spicy, woodsy, citrusy, tonka and vanilla fragrance with that trademark Chanel aldyhedic sheen and a marked dustiness that I loved. But the juice very simply does not last. I get at most 1-2 hours at most, with as little as 30 minutes of projection. I do have perfume eating skin, I'll grant that, but at the price that I paid, a hefty $95, it's simply ridiculous. There are Chanel fragrances that I love, like Egoiste, Coromandel, and Antaeus, that I am willing to pay for. If this juice had anything approaching respectable performance I'd be willing to pay that price. But it doesn't, so I gifted my heavily used bottle to my girlfriend, on whose skin it seems to last at least an hour or two longer than on mine.

A beautiful scent neutered by abysmal performance.

27th December 2019
Beautiful,Classy,Manly an oldie that will never be out of style or my collection.
31st January 2019
I believe this to be a beautiful fragrance. I tried a sample from a Chanel variety pack I purchased on eBay and I love this fragrance. Even thought I had tried the sampler from the current formulation, I had heard even better reviews of the vintage formulation of Allure Homme so I searched around and found one. The vintage version is much stronger and has much better qualities of sillage and base notes. Truly a remarkable fragrance. I think it is even better than Chanel Bleu. One of the reasons why I love this fragrance is because it reminds me of an old favorite of mine which is out of production: Eddie Bauer's Adventurer (not Adventurer 2). That was a beautiful aroma of sweet pine that left an astringent feeling when breathed in. I still have about half a bottle of a 1.7 oz bottle. eBay has a few sellers of it but they're priced super high: $150+ USD.

For now, I will stick with Allure.
7th January 2019
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