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Berceuse Parfum (2020)

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 The company says:

How does melancholy become beautiful?

Listen to the stirring, sombre second movement of Beethoven’s 7th symphony and imagine how it might smell. Dark, sweeping, poignant: this is Allegretto 7.2.

A study in theme and variations, Allegretto 7.2 is built around Haitian vetiver that brightens and darkens as it develops, layering earthy scents, smoke, and lavender.

Allegretto 7.2’s notes recede and repeat rhythmically. A fresh mint top note poises in the air like a conductor’s baton, soon giving way to swirls of smoke, roots, and moist green leaves. Aromas of fresh-turned earth and wild vegetation join lavender and herbs at the heart. Then, as it falls from its crescendo, Allegretto settles on a warm base of cedarwood, vanilla, and benzoin. With its dynamic, seductive pulse, Allegretto is vetiver transcendent.

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Reviews of Allegretto 7.2 by Berceuse Parfum

There are 3 reviews of Allegretto 7.2 by Berceuse Parfum.

Instead of herbs, lavender and vetiver, on my skin, this immediately blew out a twenty minute cloud of bitter viscous dark and skanky industrial-ish smoke, maybe a hint of vetiver in the background.
I held on, as many of my favorite scents aren't at their best up front. The underlying bitterness, almost an old musk or civit-like smoke didn't subside, although I could smell tiny tendrils of mint and and one point caught the vanilla briefly. It was so bad on my skin and to my scent I scrubbed it, or tried. Longevity is unlikely to be a problem.
I noted this perfumer also did Bogue Maai, another scent I think is similar to this. I often wear scents tilted male, but think this is one on the MALE side. My husband sniffed it on paper and didn't find it as off-putting as I did.
If you like this "dark and mysterious" bitter type scents, definitely give this a try -- but would recommend a sample first, this is NOT a blind buy. And not Beethovan, but a tune more dissonant and atonal - Stravinksy or Scriabin?
Dec 1, 2020

Wonderful, glowing minty Vetiver. Antonio Gardoni does it again. This time with a 3-dimensional psychedelic Vetiver unlike any I’ve ever smelled before. Much in the way that Gardoni reimagined lavender in MeM, here he not only dresses Vetiver in all of the minty, herbal, woody hues that it embodies naturally, he lifts it upon a custard-Ylang-benzoin-vanilla base that acts holographically on the root-notes of the grassy materials, giving it the brightest, most high-definition reflection it might ever hope to see.

This is fresh, fun, futuristic. An easy-pleaser, like a surreal remake of Le Male.

An easy 5/5 for me. If a larger house has released this it would be an immediate grail. If Berceuse can hold it together through this Coronavirus crisis, Allegretto 7.2 may achieve modern masterpiece status. Time will tell!
Apr 24, 2020

Allegretto 7.2 goes on skin with stark, pungent culinary herbal bay leaf with a hint of supporting natural smelling mint and rosemary before quickly moving to its heart. As the composition enters its early heart, the mint spiked pungent culinary herbs remain, now supporting aromatic lavender, dulled ylang-ylang florals and a sharp vetiver infused natural smelling woody accord. During the late dry-down the florals mostly vacate, as the sharp, woody vetiver takes the fore with the woody accord in support, as remnants of the pungent culinary herbs remain through the finish. Projection is excellent, as is longevity at over 13 hours on skin.

Allegretto 7.2 is a product from a new brand called Berceuse created in collaboration with Will Carius of the well-regarded artisanal shaving product company Barrister and Mann fame. While I confess that as an avid wet shaver (and one who has tried and owns many shaving products from the company), I personally have never been overly impressed with the Barrister and Mann shaving soap *fragrances*, finding them just above average. In any case, Will's involvement did add an additional level of interest to this writer. Also of interest is the perfumer chosen for this outing, Antonio Gardoni. Mr. Gardoni has amassed quite the following, and I have enjoyed several of his creations over the years. Definitely when one sprays Allegretto 7.2 on skin the culinary herbs used and the trademark aromatics (both not unlike those even earlier used by Angelo Orazio Pregoni of O'driu) have his "fingerprints" all over them. I tend to like this kind of thing, but the mint that permeates a good portion of the composition coupling with the relatively linear development as the sharp woody vetiver gradually gains strength as time passes proves too much. I guess coming full circle one has to wonder what any of this has to do with Will Carius of Barrister and Mann, as it really doesn't seem his style at all? The bottom line is the $225 per 50 ml bottle Allegretto 7.2 is certainly distinctive (including its subjectively ugly bottle logo) but the relatively linear sharp woody accord proves too much to endure over time, earning the composition an "average" 2.5 stars out of 5 rating and an avoid recommendation, especially to wet shavers expecting a Barrister and Mann tie-in who wont find it.
Apr 22, 2020

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