All Good Things fragrance notes

    • cedarwood, rose, cade, tonka bean

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Latest Reviews of All Good Things

Definitely for anyone who likes a smoky, or woody frag. The rose note breaks it up a little, adding sweetness. It is very strong and an acquired taste. This is my personal favorite of Lush's
30th March 2019
I'm another of those Lush fans. Cedarwood is very present in the beginning, and Tonka goes powderily towards vanilla with the hours. I don't know about its projection yet, but I smelled it when waking up the morning after and it made me happy for the day, with just another spray.
15th December 2016

There was a Punk band in the seventies who wrote a song called Boredom. It was rough and loud, with a two note guitar break wailing like a siren; not at all humdrum.

A two tone melody doesn't have to be dull, it just depends on which notes they are - and how they're played; and if the contrapuntal solo were Fir resin and Amber by Lush Gorilla, the din could go on all night and it still wouldn't get boring.
26th February 2016