Alien Oud Majestueux fragrance notes

    • cardamom, saffron, jasmine, cashmeran, oud accord

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Oh, I really enjoy this. This is woodier, darker, spicier and at the same time gentler Alien. Probably my favourite version so far. I like how the dark woody notes, cardamom and other spices mingle with the grape candy jasmine of Alien. Very nice.
9th June 2021
a nice cardamon and a slightly and not at all powdery and the jasmine star it off, and after a few moments the saffron is added in. It is a smooth and quite soft saffron, and the three together amount to an interesting and quite unusual softly spicy jasmine-infused aroma. Quite an intriguing opening.

Later on a soft slightly dusty spiciness is present, which has faint tonka-like characteristics; quite possible the cashmeran is kicking in now. The oud promised in the somewhat pretentious name is also present; a synthetic-smelling restrained and gentle oud that is rather agreeable, especially when compared with the crass and shill laboratory products that often a given the name of this wood.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

This flanker for warmer autumn days is an alien to the Alien Family, and nt the usual oud-based product. It is quite different from he original Alien, and the oud here is an unusually restrained team player. 3.25/5
4th May 2021

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8th August 2018
I detected the slightest hint of oud in the opening, and then I pretty much just smelled Alien. I appreciate the addition of saffron in Musc Mysterieux, but here I only get a nondescript, weak spiciness (Imagine how a dried, beige-colored pepper would taste). It sounds like others are having more luck with it, so it may be worth a try if you love the original.
27th May 2018
Sorry ladies, this is not for women only, it's definitely made for women and men, I love it and I wear it
3rd November 2017
I bought my bottle of Alien Oud Majestueux a few months ago, and have been saving it for the cold weather: as autumn is definitely here, I'm wearing it for the first time today. Sadly, I'm not enjoying this fragrance as much as I was expecting: I love oud, and have worn Middle Eastern oud fragrances, such as Oud Cambodi by Ajyad, and Oud Al Amarat by Anfar, as well as the various Raghba perfumes for many years; I also love the various Alien fragrances (the original Eau de Parfum, Essence Absolue and Eau Extraordinaire).

The oud notes in Alien Oud Majestueux are very authentic, but so far, I'm really not sure they work well with Alien. I've been wearing the fragrance for approximately four hours, and the oud has not blended at all with the Alien; I can smell both as two separate fragrances, rather than blending together. Unfortunately, I feel the oud and Alien are detracting from, rather than enhancing each other. The oud takes away a lot of Alien's sweetness, which might well work for many people, if you find Alien too sweet.

I have to give this fragrance a thumbs up, as I don't actually dislike it; it just doesn't work as well as I was expecting (this could be just the way it reacts on my skin). For me, oud works better in one of the Middle Eastern fragrances, rather than pairing it with another existing fragrance, as in Oud Majestueux. I'll enjoy wearing this bottle, but I will stick to other varieties of Alien in future. (I had been intending to buy a bottle of Alien Musc Mysterieux soon, but I will now definitely want to try it first).

To add a final thought (not necessarily in relation to Alien Oud Majestueux): oud is currently one of the in notes in western perfume; to add the name oud to a fragrance, also seems to add to the price (often drastically so). I don't understand this, as oud has been a staple ingredient of Middle Eastern perfumes for a very long time, and genuine oud fragrances (such as the ones I've mentioned) are typically very reasonably priced.
21st September 2017
This is a really fabulous flanker! Wow! I like it even better than original Alien. The oud notes aren't too strong or medicinal, and the jasmine isn't at all shrill. The oud and cashmeran tone down the jasmine a lot, in my opinion. I feel personally there might be a tad too much cashmeran for my liking, but otherwise this strikes me as an old-school beauty. Strong and sexy and very 80's, in a sense. I picture a laughing woman in a pixie cut and glossy lipstick.
15th September 2017
Such a pure, smooth and glorious oud,saffron mix. Alien Oud Majestueux definitely speaks of a sensual inviting and very adult. This oriental fragrance based on oud&amber the intense accord of which imbues the entire compose and jasmine is very sensual and warm. Many ouds are very harsh and need a long time on skin to calm down but this one is very balanced and harmonious. In other words: sultry, woody, elegant, voluptuous, sumptuous, earthy and very Thierry Mugler in quality.

It is trail of oriental mystique is vibrantly by cardamom and saffron that interspersed with spicy accents of cashmeran and jasmine, which are wrapped in an overtly sensual base of oud and amber. The oud gives the perfume an edge of sophistication that makes it very elegant.this is warm and the person who wears it in a soft blanket of cashmere, amber white flowers and woods.This EDP is for a lady who knows exactly what she wants, and just how to get it!
17th September 2015