Alien : Les Parfums de Cuir 
Thierry Mugler (2012)


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Alien : Les Parfums de Cuir by Thierry Mugler

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Launched to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Thierry Mugler Parfums, Alien is one of four limited edition fragrances offered as a part of the Les Parfums de Cuir series. According to Thierry Mugler Parfums, the fragrance was created by aging the original fragrance in leather tanks at Clarin’s Strasbourg facility for four weeks. As a result, Alien's "amber notes are magnified by a special leathery effect...[and] rounded off by gourmand dry fruit accents." The fragrance is available as a 30 ml eau de parfum, housed in a new bottle designed to showcase the color of the fragrance.

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Reviews of Alien : Les Parfums de Cuir by Thierry Mugler

There are 4 reviews of Alien : Les Parfums de Cuir by Thierry Mugler.

Alien les Parfums de Cuir shares similar elements with the original except for the leather, but emphasizes on different compositions. While the original focuses more on jasmines and amber, LPdC has a much drier woody drydown. The dried fruits blends well in the sweet mixture of jasmine and amber, but the difference with the original is detectable. Like the other two from Cuir collection, the leather doesn't seem to stand in the front but melts in the whole scent and create another dimension.

I'd recommend it as an Alien with a much drier base, a floral fragrance with a hint of sweet dried fruits and woody texture.

Apparently Alien has lived among the humans for a while and has taken to the locals' style of adorning oneself with bits of leather. While the white floral character is still there, it is no longer as easily recognizable as the extraterrestrial jasmine.Of the advertised leather there is only a hint, I thought it smells more of woody amber/cashmeran than it does of leather. But I'm thankful the candied base has been toned down.

Overall a somewhat dull but not unattractive flanker. But don't expect to get floral leather out of this.

Angel les Parfum de Cuir & Alien les Parfum de Cuir

While I loved Angel Liqueur, I found the Mugler annual thematic releases uninteresting except for the apparent belief that branding is more important than perfume. It might make the magic of marketing synergy easier to achieve, but slapping a new flavor across an entire line seems at least cynical and more likely haphazard. I suppose, though, that every now and again a match has to occur. It also makes sense that Angel, with its fingers in so many different genres (gourmand, oriental, floral) is more likely than Alien, Womanity or Mugler Cologne to be fertile soil where the flavor of the year can plant itself.

Angel les Parfum de Cuir can hold the leather note without it seeming entirely out of place, but the leather does nothing to enhance Angel. It muddies Angel's distinctive qualities, but it doesn't negate them. Sort of, meh. Not exactly the Angel battle cry.

Alien les Parfum de Cuir matches a dulled leather notes to the radioactive jasmine of the original Alien, giving us a real head scratcher. There are no interesting commonalities and no juxtapositions to exploit. Until the leather note fades, when it is ultimately crushed under the weight of chemo floral oppression, Alien Cuir just seems like a mismatch, more of a smell that a scent.

Mugler's Cuirs are by definition formulaic and lack inspiration. They seem to come from the same thinking that give us, "Ugghhh. It's November again. What should this year's holiday office party theme be? "

I tried the scent in Debenhams Manchester and was blown away immediately by the strong leather notes which give Alien an even darker edge.

In all three phases of the scent, you can distinguish the leather that enhances the jasmine and amber notes.

The longevity is monstruous (nearly 24 hours) and the sillage is also very good.

I am really glad I bought it as it will be a like a nice jewel in my collection.

The bottle is like a glass jewel and the leather pouch that keeps the bottle dust free is also unique and very catchy so run and get one before this limited edition of Mugler`s 20 years in perfumery runs away from the shelves...

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