Alien Fusion 
Thierry Mugler (2019)

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Reviews of Alien Fusion by Thierry Mugler

There are 2 reviews of Alien Fusion by Thierry Mugler.

It is not as confident and trmpting as Alien,but like the same woman the morning after a night out on the town, reading fashion magazines on a lazy drizzly sunday in a sexy satin and lace nightgown and a cashmere robe,a cup of coffe on hand,anf this sweet perfume swirling about.I do see similarities between this and Alien,but this flanker is softer,creamier,sweeter and spicier.

I get a big red cinnamon flavored chewing gum scent (bubblegum tuberose) with a bit of freshness from the orange blossom note.slightly animalic on a base of amber. very elegant and wearable,with some spices and warmth that make it is also very versatile,and can see it as an easy signature and year-round scent. totally when comparing the two,Alien smells better, but i love them both.

Oct 23, 2021

A warmer, gentler, a bit more contemporary Alien. Ginger and cinnamon are perceptible at the start and win me over, but sadly they are gone to me after the scent dries down. On my skin, the drydown is not as impressive, less interesting than original. But I might need to retry it several more times, maybe I'm just not grasping it yet.
Thumbs up because it's still quite nice.
Jun 9, 2021

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