Aldehyde 44 
Le Labo (2006)

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Le Labo
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Yann Vasnier

Exclusively available in Dallas.

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Reviews of Aldehyde 44 by Le Labo

The opening blast is indeed mainly constituted of aldehydes, with elements is citrus also evident. The overall feel is that of a metallic coolness.

Soon undertones of neroli in the drydown are leading to a floral shift; I mainly get a nonspecific white floral impression here that has green touches.

Later on a slightly sweeter character is revealed, based on an array of white musks.

I get moderate sillage, good projection and nine hours of longevity on my skin, with the last few hours being very close to my skin.

A bright summery scent that maximises the application of aldehydes without making them truly interesting, and combines them with a sway of other generic ingredients. It is likes serving molten sugar instead of the whole creme brûlée; Chanel No 5 would be the creme brûlée. 2.5/5
Sep 23, 2019

I generously dabbed on Le Labo Aldehyde 44 from a sample I have.

There was a pretty opening for a minute and then... nothing. It disappeared. I reapplied in case I hadn't put on enough the first time and the same thing happened.
Apr 28, 2015

My most worn Le Labo! It is so comforting and exudes vibes of cleanliness. I thoroughly enjoy this fragrance from opening through dry down. It is a dry, sweet, soapy, aldehydic floral that is neither masculine nor feminine. There is a monstrous dose of clean white musk in this fragrance that produces a detergent like vibe. I literally wear this fragrance every single day after I get out of the shower right before bedtime although I do wear it during the daytime too. I find it incredibly versatile despite the negative reviews here. This fragrance lasts all day long (I strongly disagree with shellshell40's review regarding performance.) If you own a bottle, you can get refills from LeLabo in Nolita (NYC), otherwise you are out of luck as it is a discontinued city exclusive.
10/10 in all categories.
Apr 10, 2015

Very, very medicinal...opens with a citrus oil/chemical solvent quality that segues into a pronounced sweet talcum and aldehyde quality. There is a benzoin note that's pervasive too and causes the talcum powder note to blend in even more to evoke medical environments...or old folks home. Not a pleasant "scent memory".
Jul 7, 2014

Weird. Like Chanel No. 5 minus everything but the waxy, soapy, fizzy, sweet part on a razor-sharp, clean musk. An interesting experience, but not what I want to smell like!
Mar 9, 2014

I've tested it once in London but Le Labo could i suppose be found in Rome or Milan. I agree with Lafoebe's description, this is a sort of powerfully aldehydic white-musky fragrance with a metallic and medicinal initial approach before the powderiness starts soaring with all its charge of milkiness. It's sensual and airy but a bit too onedimentional. It starts with a blast of citrus, florals , greens and aldehydes and slides later in a sink of white musk, sandalwood and amber. Powerful but a bit too unoriginal and pharmaceutical.
Nov 2, 2011

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