Rochas (1998)

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Reviews of Alchimie by Rochas

Inspired by a romance on a snowy winter's night like a warm comforting hug.wonderfully creamy and sweet scent.strikes a lovely balance between creamy woods& caramel and sweet fruits that gives it a very recognizable shape and personality.Alchimie is not a sticky,viscous creamy&vanilla but neither is it vaporous and chiffon-like.not the best feminine by rochas but memorable indeed.Warm,Fluffy,Sweet,Cuddly, Rich,Romantic,Luscious,Charming,Simply Gorgeous and Incredibly well blended.

Mix of delicious and lush fruits like peach,plum,pear and black currant evolves into a creamy,camforting and satisfying smoothness dry down of Tonka bean, vanilla,caramel and,licorice and sandalwood that will make a great bedtime scent for sweet dreams when you are walking in a delicate cloud of refinement and elegance.the floral hearts so subtle.makes you feel happy and more carefree,comforts you and still manages to be sweetly sexy at the same time.if you are into delicious romantic,sensual feminine perfumes that makes you feel pretty,give it a try.


Longevity?Very Good on my skin.

Aug 13, 2016

Genre: Floral Oriental

Alchimie starts out with some crisp citrus, perky green floral top notes and plenty of aldehydes before exposing an extremely soft, sweet powdery amber underpinning. Sweet is the word here, as alongside the amber there emerges a sugar-coated tropical fruit and floral accord that’s enough to put a diabetic in a coma for a month. The fruit grows sweeter and sweeter over a two hour span, reaching a state I find intolerable well before its climax.

The whole experience is at once surprising, odd, and disappointing. Alchimie’s top notes promise a sophisticated green floral chypre along the lines of Envy, Chanel No. 19, or Nicolaï’s Odalisque. What follows instead verges on a crass and banal fruity floral celebrity scent. Alchemy indeed – only in this case the transformation is reversed: from gold to dross.

Remarkably, once the fruity floral sugar rush subsides, I’m left with a hint of the scent that might have been, but by that time it’s too late. The interesting bookends don’t make up for the unpleasantness in between. To my mind this is one of Rochas’s weaker offerings.
Jun 8, 2014

coconut candyI've had good luck with Rochas perfumes, so I thought I'd try this. I love orientals...what could go wrong? This seems to be a forerunner of the tidal wave of sugar-fruit-shampoo scents that we are still experiencing. This scent plays it's pleasant opening hand well...a slightly tart coconut juice on a bed of softness. Little moments of other fruits peek in from the cabana...(strawberry? cherry?) then there is a soft fresh wash, then a soft boozy wash...and you get an overall pleasant content vibe of fruity cocktails on a vacation beach. There are few shards of not-sweet skin scent in here. Then mostly sweet. More sweet. Very sweet.I can't really get behind it because it never makes me reevaluate that 16-year old shampoo vibe. I guess it's good for this category?Pros: friendly and warmCons: sweet"
Sep 11, 2013

Incomparable! Sooooo beautiful, soooo carefully blended, sooo harmonic! Oh, Alchimie is such an unique and amazing scent! A gorgeous light oriental, my beloved treasure. Such a pity it's been discontinued. Masterpiece, try it if you can!
May 26, 2013

This goes on with a overly sweet, slightly metallic floral which settles into just overly sweet and highly forgettable. The only distinct thing about it is that it smells a little like Play Doh from my childhood memories. I'm serious.
Jun 21, 2010

This has always been a favourite of mine. It's fruity top note of blackcurrant, plum, peach,grapefruit, pear and bergamot flows seamlessly into a floral mid note of lily of the valley, jasmine, wisteria. heliotrope. rose and the milkiness of coconut. All these wonderous notes are then warmed with the base of vanilla, caramel, amber, tonka bean and musk only to be finalised by the finest hint of liquorice.An exquisite gourmand that can be worn a warm summer day or a cool evening walk..
Oct 13, 2009

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