Reviews of al01 by Biehl Parfumkunstwerke

For the love of violets and chypre! This is so extremely beautyful. It takes me to a wild garden on a summer night, just after a rain shower, right before the sun sets. It's sexy, but definately not in a gloomy way.
15th September 2010
this is very generic floral aroma, a little bit on the sweeter side and very volatile (as the whole biehl parfumkunstwerke seems to be)
18th July 2010

What's a nice way of saying, "this smells like a drysheet but doesn't last as long"?Opening is very aromatic of herbs. Then goes right into the clean and fresh scents of everything white floral. Dries into mostly musk with a little touch of sandalwood. It would be a nice scent if it didn't do this in the few minutes it was exposed to my skin.
25th January 2010