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Sultan Pasha (2016)

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Al Lail by Sultan Pasha

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One of my fondest childhood memories has to be walking home with my beloved mother, my tiny hand in hers, and suddenly being greeted by the most intoxicating scent of jasmine sambac mixed with the narcotic night queen flower...

The perfume was truly otherworldly and would stop us right in our tracks, closing our eyes and absorbing every precious scent as the cool night breeze brought it in across the walls... It's a memory that I will always cherish and I've faithfully tried to recreate in Al Lail...The Night!

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Reviews of Al Lail by Sultan Pasha

There are 2 reviews of Al Lail by Sultan Pasha.

This opens up with some citrus and then the civet and jasmine take over in a overwhelming forceful way. The civet is in the driving seat with jasmine sitting next to it but you are in no doubt who the boss is here. In the back seat you get hints of peach and patchouli and slight sweet notes. It's basically a floral civet bomb. I quite like it actually but don't think I could wear it as it projects like a beast. I applied a small amount to my left wrist and rubbed it in, and it could knock you out if you were in the same room as me.

Now it reminds me of Roja Doves Diaghilev and Sultans Encen Chypre. But in Diaghilev the oakmoss suffocates you with the civet with the forals been in the backseat. With Encen Chypre this accord is in the mix but dialled way back within the forestry notes. Here the civet and jasmine is just amplified way up, as I said above I like it but it's just too much. In Encens Chypre this accord is quite lovely as it is balanced and part of a chorus.

I find it amusing how some of Sultans attars are quiet and restrained in the projection department where others like this are louder. This though is a bomb. It does like the above mentioned scents have a classic old school feel to it.

Another exquisite Sultan creation...bombards me with a medley of accords...initially got hit with what struck me as a flowering gourmand....flower petals strewn on a still warm freshly baked pastry...a tripped out scent of citrus weaves in and out...get a nice hunk of dry dusty resin mixture tempered with some awesome sandalwood...I find Sultans fragrances one of the hardest to pin down and describe because there is so much going on...the blending is so spot on that it's hard to zero in on individual notes...the smell is addicting...i keep smelling my hand constantly , and every time i do the scent has undergone a change...toward the end a carnal muskiness draws its cloak over the whole affair...if I had to bottom line "clasiffy" this i would say a Resiny Floriental Semi - last impression - even though I didn't see it listed in the note breakdown , at times I got a strong feel of a hay/tobacco smell...well done.... kudos...

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