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Sultan Pasha (2015)

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Al Hareem by Sultan Pasha

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For your attention, I present to you pure 100% unadulterated sensuality in a bottle... Al Hareem.

The sensuality of a warm moonlit night, with the rays gently piercing through the incense smoke and the musky essence of languid bodies in a gentle lovers’ embrace... the suggestive scent of fine Iranian saffron and Turkish roses finely saturating the air alongside the animalic muskiness of fine Hindi Oud, musk and ambergris.

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Reviews of Al Hareem by Sultan Pasha

There are 4 reviews of Al Hareem by Sultan Pasha.

Rose Ouds can become same old particularly if a sharp rubber synthetic leads.
AH leads with a balanced melange of animalic, rich wood breath of saffron.
The sense of timing and emphasis of the heart is the magical marriage of Sandal and Rose. This marriage highlights the sweet almost fruit top note of the Rose.
I identify Ambergris as a leavener that adds a buoyancy, volume that leads to an accord and perfume so exquisitely elegant. High Art.

Sultan Pasha's attars have always struck me as incredibly complex, and Al Hareem is no deviation from that character - Al Hareem is bold, brash, animalic, sensual, dark, sharp, mysterious as hell, and regal at every level.

Al Hareem opens to me with a huge whiff of oud, saffron, rose, and a dirty dark musk - the interesting thing that makes it a lot more complicated than it might sound is the shapeshifting effect that the oud, rose and musk all share - they don't stay still in any way, shape, or form - the oud smells as if it's constantly jumping back and forth between fruity and dry - animalic and sweet - hay and honey - cumin and nutmeg - chocolate and plummy -gingery and tea-like: honestly the oud as it stands would be enough to be a earth shatteringly good fragrance unto itself, and yet it is paired with a rose of equal caliber.

The rose is constantly appearing earthy as hell, and fading into a soft sweet ethereal form - it feels dry and yet thickly ambered the rose itself keeps from exemplifying any stereotypical traits that many folks associate with it in a lot of modern perfumery: it's not jammy and it doesn't feel juicy to me - it feels mythical, and it feels as though it is inseparable from the oud - all the while the heavenly pair are bound through a slightly sour, smooth, herbal effect which comes from the gorgeous saffron loaded in between the two.

All while this is happening there is a mysterious and sensual musk that smells to me like a deer musk I once tried from one of the very limited encounters I've had with ASAQ, only here it smells much more lush, natural, and sensual and to me calls out in a way that makes me notice it much more than I would've imagined - and much more than I think actually takes up elements of the composition itself, but due to how unique and downright natural it smells to me, the oud, the rose, the saffron, the woody, creamy, resinous basenotes habitually sing its praises from about the 2 hour mark on.

Even more interestingly enough, Al Hareem is an oud/rose combo that makes one immediately understand what it is about the combination that makes different markets attempt to bring its glory under their own name. It's sharp and floral, it's dark and animallic, it's musky and spicy, and yet it retains this almost edible quality, while never losing that classic perfume character (seeing as it is one of the formative blends that calls to mind the very essence of fragrance in the oriental psyche.)

This isn't to say that one doesn't notice the rest of the majesty going on - you most certainly will - but I really must say it is the most beautiful thing - the musk carries on about its business and stops along the way to seduce each and every note taking up this comfy shack in the middle of nowhere underneath the moon - it seduces the rose and creates this heavy, musky, dark rose whose sweetness flows from it and generates a downright sexual scent - which leads into the musked oud, which really becomes this fruity, funky delight which will send your eyes rolling into the back of your head, as the oud was complex enough, but the musk alongside it simply sends your senses on a rollercoaster ride through the ambered desert outside as the smells from the woods and spices in the base rise up along the way - an incredibly creamy sandalwood, a slightly salty, slighty sweet ambergris, a smoky tobacco, all the while the hyrax keeps the deer musk from falling into the sweeter side of animalics, and right on track as the sensual effect pulling each note in closer to you. As it dries down it turns to a woody, fruity, ambered sweetness with only hints of the oud, rose and saffron to remain - as if you've been fully ravaged by the musk it lingers on the skin in only faint memories - as if a very light leather sweetened by fruits - or a softly sweetened sweat.

Sexy as all hell...


YT: Jess AndWesH

I appreciate the work and ingredients in this one but for me it was a definate NO! Like camel poo! Too much! But its a strange phenomena that perfumes that I dislike initially are often ones I return to. I'm wading thro a sample pack of 16 so I will re-test as I always do but this is too masculine and difficult and as crdb says I could not inflict it on my work colleagues or my partner!

The label says it all: this is oud (two ouds!), ambergris and musk, all natural, all high quality, and at attar concentration. There is also butter absolute, sandalwood and rose, but they are a frame to the centrepiece of the base notes (only base by name as they are immediately present).

The thing is only wearable at home because I do not dare inflict it on fellow commuters or professional relations. However, it is probably the Pasha attar I return to most often. The blue cheese (roquefort) animalic combination is complex and very enjoyable. It has very little in the way of spices or woods, giving it a rounded, familiar feel. Once you try these ouds, it will be hard to return to the muted, often synthetic versions used in Western perfumery.

It must be tried if you are doing a sampling set. Go read Kafkaesque's review if you need any more convincing.

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