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Agua Lavanda opens with a huge, natural-smelling lavender and little bit of bergamot and dries down very soapy. It's a basic lavender soap bomb with that fresh-out-of-the-shower smell. It's relaxing, makes for a very good bedtime scent. While undoubtedly old school, the lack of powderiness steers it away from an excessive gentlemanly vibe.

There is no mention of concentration on the box of this late 70s/early 80s glass bottle. It doesn't project well. Lasts less than 4 hours, and this is the version *with* oakmoss.

Masculinity Level: This was Frank Sinatra's signature scent throughout the 1940s and 1950s, but to me he's too butch for this. Instead I'll go with Walter White, inoffensive chemistry teacher.
15th November 2022
This review references the short, green, glass bottle pictured above.
I have enjoyed wearing this lavender cologne for many years. It is a no-nonsense lavender, sans frills, but that should not be interpreted as uninteresting or boring. On the contrary, ALP is one of THE most satisfying lavender fragrances I have ever used; and I have tried quite a few. Perfect office scent. Perfect for an outdoor event. Perfect if you want to smell great, but not challenge anyone else's olfactory senses.
I choose to decant the juice from the splash bottle into a small 5ml atomizer. Sillage is small to moderate; projection is moderate and the longevity is 4-6 hours. It's been long-discontinued, so availability is limited and a 200ml bottle will test your wallet. I don't like to categorize scents by age-range, but this is scent more suited for a mature gentleman. Women certainly could wear it too.
If you are fan of lavender, it may be worth searching for a bottle, before they are gone forever.
10th June 2021

Very short lived fragrance, but it's still a thumbs up for me. I love this simple lavender blast of freshness! One of the best shower and after shave/body splash combo's out there if you buy the shower gel and cologne. Both can be had for a song, and they will cheer you up immensely for an hour or two...then they'll be gone. BUT, that hour or two is just so enjoyable!
29th June 2017
Pleasant thin after shave, dirt cheap (in large bottle) splash. I get a nice smooth lavender from this and very little else. If you splash this on liberally it will project and hold up for at least an hour and then fade off into a nice simple skin and clothing scent. So cheap that its useful for many other general scenting purposes too. Recommended to try if this sort of product work for you.
14th December 2016
I own Agua Lavanda in the fluted columnar bottle with a green cap and sprayer. It is essentially an EDT concentration, so I have none of the longevity woes some lament. This is one of my go-to scents in spring and summer. A near soliflore, it's probably my favorite straight-up lavender.
27th February 2016
Agua Lavanda Puig seems -- not surprisingly -- almost entirely lavender, with an slight undertone of spice, likely to be the sage and cedarwood. The scent is elegant and simple, understated when compared to more modern compositions, The bite of spice keeps it, IMHO, from seeming too barber-shop-like or grandfatherly. I located a 2010 posting on SinatraFamily.Com by Frank Sinatra's daughter Nancy confirming that Agua Lavanda Puig was indeed Ol' Blue Eyes' go-to fragrance for many years.

Many other posters stated that the glass green bottle is more intense than the tall plastic bottle of shower gel. Accordingly I purchased the 100 EdC in the classic green glass bottle (from La Tienda, a purveyor of all-things Spanish) for about $20. JFYI, the glass bottle does not have an atomizer/sprayer. Rather it has an open neck, as more common with bottles of splash. So I've purchased one of those small plastic travel bottle sprayers to use to spritz on the product.

While I find this a wonderful scent, I am sorry to report it has zero sillage, instead clinging very close to the body. Further it is very weak in terms of endurance … after an hour, it's gone. That's in keeping with EdC being just one step above splash in concentration, and below EdT.

If this fragrance was available in EdT or stronger … and if it had more endurance … it would easily become my daily go-to frag. Even with its shortcomings, just the scent of it -- and the endorsement of it by The Chairman of the Board -- means you ought have a bottle in your inventory.
28th October 2015
Agua Lavanda Puig is without a doubt the very best of the various lavender waters and colognes that remain in production. I ordered my first bottle of this after being disappointed with the current formulation of Yardley's English Lavender cologne (though I still enjoy the UK version of their bar soap). Agua Lavanda Puig has an uncomplicated soapy lavender fragrance that I find reminiscent of what a stylish man would wear in the 1940's, 1950's and 1960's. Still, it is not outdated and it is in no way an old man's scent, but rather a simple, clean and elegant lavender water that everyone should maintain in their collection. I recommend purchasing the Agua Lavanda Puig that comes in the green glass splash bottle for I have never tried the plastic version. From what I have read, this is definitely the best alternative to the Yardley English Lavender from the 1940's and 1950's.
15th February 2015
This review is for the larger bottle of less concentrated splash fragrance.

(Possibly the version in the smaller dark green bottle is more masculine, I have never tried it).

This is a perfectly unisex fragrance, in my opinion. Lavender, in a fresh and green accord. Herby and delightfully fresh. Male and female family members also believe this is unisex. Here in southern Europe, lavender scents were very traditional for everyone and in my childhood we used to wear a lavender splash fragrance (not this one, a more floral one which has been discontinued).

Also delightful to spray your bed with.

The bath gel and the soap smell lovely as well.

Does not last very long, maybe 1-2h.
1st November 2014
Just unanimous thumbs up for this one. It's lavender the way you want it. And the price isincredible it's a great lavender!
8th December 2013
A quintessential Eau de Cologne with the most natural scent one can find. Beautiful and perfect for splashing on in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Brilliant to layer with so many scents with lavender - including Caron Pour Un Homme.

Simply put - the best lavender soliflore ever created. Gracias, Senior Puig...please keep producing this gorgeous scent.

One point to note...while this is very inexpensive in the large 25.5oz 'dishsoap' plastic bottle, simply transfer some to glass. Cut the plastic nib under the cap and dispense into a glass container. Personally, I use a small bud vase that I cover with nice towel and cup my hand and splash on...for me, the only way to wear it. But, one could spritz away if they desire.

Perfection in scent. "Una oda a lavanda..." ("An ode to lavender...")

22nd April 2013
This brings a day of levity. I bought the huge bottle, as this comes in a couple of sizes: Large, Bigger, and Huge. The Huge size was around $15 American. It's SO worth it!

I put this on and I am instantly brought back. I am in my 30s, but for some reason I seem to invoke memories of the 50s when I wear it. It's not a huge hit with other people, except for older ladies (old ladies seem taken by me for the most part, but Agua Lavanda just brings out the compliments). I wear it for myself.

It has a few uses:
1. Everyday scent
2. Quick splash after being around garlic, smoke, tacos, or cleaning the cat box.
3. A little squirt on the pillows in the early P.M. so your bedding smells nice.
4. Use on cuts, scrapes, and bruises, bug bites, and muscle aches.
5. Insects greatly dislike the wonderful lavender scent, so they stay away (they have poor taste anyway).
6. Has antibacterial properties, which make for a good face wash in the way one would use witch hazel.
7. Lavender has many medicinal properties and can smooth the skin.

We're looking at an all-purpose fragrance. Not everybody will compliment you on your amazing smell, but you certainly won't offend anybody either.

Good stuff. My grandpa was onto something.
25th February 2013
Ladies and gentlemen, I present: the perfect fragrance. Agua Lavanda is the smell of daydreams. A lovely breeze of soapy lavender that will magically make you look more elegant in the perception of those who cross your path. One shouldn't overanalyze but simply enjoy spells like these. What irony that such a treasure comes in a large plastic bottle for about 5 euro.
7th May 2012
Lavender and leather. Smell again...lavender and leather, it's all you got and it's all you need. A clean smell that bring you back in time when men were men. It's my cologne choice for my own pleasure, no one else.
20th March 2012
Great lavendar note and one of the true bargains in fragrance. I use this as an aftershave, on my hands, and before I go to sleep. It's just such a soothing and relaxing smell.
7th September 2011
Of all the Agua de Colonia, Acqua di Colonia, Eau de Cologne, o whatever you may wanna call them, this is among the best. I does not last at all, I mean, you have to shower yourself on it and less than one hour later you would need to do it again, but that is true with 4711, Heno de Pravia and hundreds of otherd "Colonias/Colognes" I have tried, so no loss of points in that regard, actually it lasts a little bit longer than the rest, but that is no virtue either.
It is refreshing, feels like you are running through a field of lavender on a spnng morning, too bad the field is so short LOL.
And $10.15 for 750 mL (25.5 oz.), it is a bargain anywhere, even if I have to bathe myself on it every hour or so, it come cheaper than any fragrance I can think of.
Thumbs up
9th August 2011
Agua Lavanda is one of my very favorite lavender scents. It's got the perfect balance between fresh and creamy. There are nice herbal elements to it along with some hints of geranium, clary sage and wood. The dry down is a wonderful tonka experience. Overall, this is an excellent cologne splash that has very typical EDC longevity. In trying to out maneuver the low longevity I did pretty well bathe in it recently by pouring it into my hand along with the Puig Lavanda body lotion and applying all over my body. I was VERY fragrant for several hours, turning many heads in line at Starbucks. Lavanda is an exemplary lavender scent that is quite uplifting and bracing. Highly recommended for lavender cologne purists especially.

Top Notes: Lavender, Rosemary, Spike, Petitgrain, Bergamot
Middle Notes: Clary Sage, Geranium
Base Notes: Musk, Tonka, Cedarwood, Moss
26th January 2011
I challenge anyone to dislike Puig's lavender water. What's not to like? A cologne that smells of fresh Spanish lavender, herbs, and sweetened by a gentle touch of tonka and moss in the base? Truly divine stuff. The scent is brisk, green, ephemeral, and put simply, it smells amazing. Get the 7 oz glass splash, not the stuff that comes in plastic.
25th December 2010
2ThumbsUP!! This may be uni but smells MANLY 2 me!!

If you're meeting your girl's parents for the first time don't wear the recent new "metrosexual" fruity scents, show them your intentions are sincere when it comes to their little girl!

Wear a manly OLD SCHOOL scent like AGUA LAVANDA!!

20th December 2010
Shamu1's notes apply perfectly. This is the ultimate lavender. I much prefer the complexity of the woody Spanish lavender over the sometimes cloying sweetness of English lavender. I use this stuff in all its various forms, which, I guess, is just the big jug of splash. I wish this came in 55 gallon drums. The only problem is how quickly it dissipates and becomes a "skin only" affair. Absolutely wonderful and perfect in every way.
15th September 2010
Lavender. That's really all this is, and that's a beautiful thing. It smells like there is some lime blended into this to add even more freshness, but there is nothing in this to disguise the lavender. I love Agua Lavanda because it's so pure, raw and natural. This is a fragrance for LAVENDER LOVERS ONLY. There are no wimpy fig notes, woody amber, marine notes, etc., to hide the rawness of the pure lavender in this. The citrus, moss and other notes are not independently noticeable; they are there simply to bring out the lavender's earthiness and sharpness, and to act as fixatives.Lavenders typically have weak longevity, and Agua Lavanda is no exception. It requires reapplication during the day, but who cares? Reapplication is part of the whole joy of wearing Agua Lavanda! Bring your bottle to work!I wear this every day when I get home from work, and I look forward to splashing this on when I walk through the door. Agua Lavanda is so refreshing and soothing, and it rejuvenates the soul. I think this is the perfect pure lavender fragrance.MY RATING: 10/10
8th June 2010
I've been surrounded by this frag my entire life, and I'm the better because of it. My Paternal Grandfather's signature scent, and He wore it well. Many Latin Men His age and His time wore this. My Father even wore it often. I started wearing this during my early 20's, and wore it ever since. This is legendary stuff, an a perfect example of how great a classic Spanish eau de cologne can be. Plus Sinatra loved this one, and if its good enough for Him, its good enough for Me
21st December 2009
I bought Agua Lavanda in the wicker-wrapped bottle back in the 80's. I loved this great classic. Of course, it was somewhat old-fashioned but who cares. I smelled wonderful in it. It used to be my summer fragrance. I miss it...
10th September 2009
My mother-in-law snagged the bottle I bought for my father-in-law, and I followed her lead. It's not surprising that I like this, it shares common elements with my favorites. It starts out fresh and clean, and ends up warm, yet still crisp, on me. This is excellent for warm-weather women's ytime wear.
14th August 2009
I bought a bottle of Agua Lavanda, having never smelled it. I was looking for a light lavender scent for the summer. Since I also like Gendarme, a little soap-y would work as well. AL did the trick and comes over as a old-school scent, in a good way, like Bay Rum. It does not last long, but while it does it's brilliant.
30th May 2009