Agua Fresca 
Adolfo Dominguez (1993)

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Reviews of Agua Fresca by Adolfo Dominguez

The top reminds me of Armani Eau pour Homme.
The heart reminds me of Lancetti Homme (aka Lui).
The drydown reminds me of Monsieur, still by Lancetti.

What a journey, what a gem! I got a large 260ml (!!) splash bottle for under $30 shipped... a big win in my book and probably in anyone who loves old school (but not dated) citrus-aromatic fragrance, with a piney/mossy/woody base. Performance is on the modest side, but at current pricing, anyone can afford to overspray!
Highly recommended.
Best worn in Spring/Fall days than hot summer ones imo, 30+
Aug 29, 2021

Bitter citrus and clary sage to start. This last for roughly 20 minutes then I get some soft Rosemary and Juniper with light citrus. After the 60 minute mark it's a skin scent on me with Pine, Vetiver and soft woods. I find it to be very nice but not long lasting. It's similar to Houbigant's Fougère Royale with the Houbigant being A LOT better from start to finish. For the price I would say it's a safe blind buy for casual or office use at under $40 US. Enjoy!
Oct 28, 2019

Holiday scents #5 - Adolfo Dominguez, Agua Fresca

Traditional barbershop goodness in the assertive but friendly Spanish aesthetic. Predictable notes for its genre, opens up rather soapy, eventually dries down to a glorious cedar with spicy, nutmeggy overtones, but never too sweet. Rather old-school, it is lovely for work in summer, with around nine hours longevity on skin and acceptable sillage. A typically local, Mediterranean effort.

Interestingly, it is terrifically good value to buy in Spain, compared to the large premium on other Spanish labels, such as Loewe. I bought a 60ml bottle with a 20ml travel vial on the basis of testing. I find it a very nice addition to my collection for use in the remainder of the summer, although I find the bottle design to be poorly thought out and prone to leakage - the rounded spray apparatus does not fit well on the squared bottle. Nice wooden cap though.
Aug 8, 2016

This is grassy green with a woody amber dry down. Unfortunately its all over in 90 minutes max. Hence a neutral not a thumbs up
Mar 5, 2012

This fragrance is simply classy! I must say its longevity on my skin is something like 12+ hrs, I know is this is amazing. Siliage and projection is also too good, no doubt a masterpiece by Adolfo Dominguez. Thumbs up 10/10. :)
Aug 27, 2011

This is an underrated gem. Love it, and a steal at the price. A wonderful uncomplicated citrus which hints at the more expensive Armani Eau Pour Homme, an all time elegant classic and personal favorite. Agua Fresca also wears like an updated version of Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior.
Jul 26, 2011

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