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Provenziano did a great job here, sexy sultry kind of chypre back on the last good days of the brand. Wild in the jungle...
9th October 2020
The opening is a bit sweetinsh-fresh, with ylang-ylang and geranium being the main protagonists at this early stage, mixing with an orris that lends a slightly spicy hand to he opening duo, with a which of overripe peachy grapefruitness present at times.

In the later stages a nice amber develops, which merges with a sweetish musk to a warms and slightly darker impression; over times the amber divulges a powdery component that is quite nice; a brighter sort of amber.

The sillage is moderate, I get very good projection and an impressive nine hours of longevity on my skin.

A pleasant spring scent, most components are a bit pale and unexciting; the opening blast and the amber notes are the most convincing parts. 2.75/5
26th January 2016

This is a simple, peppery and very green tea rose, sharp and pungent, much like Lalique's Perles from the year before.

It also bears a resemblance to Coriandre. One might refer back to Guerlain's Nahema, the greenest and most peppery of tea rose scents.

The scent itself is interesting and provacative for a time. It has obviously been copied by many houses. It's not a scent for wearing often. Its dryness and sharpness may be off-putting to many noses. It's more a self-indulgent scent if one is attracted to it, to be worn in the privacy of one's home, rather that out and about.

Turin praised it and gave it four stars. As one of dozens of the same type of scent, it's certainly decent.
15th December 2015
To me, Strip smelt like a candy store, sickeningly sweet, overpowering and musky. There is such a huge difference between this fragrance and the other Agent Provocateur scents.

Strip is somewhat of a clubbing/nightlife fragrance. It is strong and slightly smokey, reminding me of a room shrouded in cigarette smoke, glittering with fluro dresses and smelling of liquor and booze. This scent oozes naughtiness and sexuality, however, as much as I love sexy fragrances, this fragrance does not appeal to me. I consider sexy perfumes as being dark, sensual and dirty, Strip is none of those. It is sugary sweet, skanky and musty. I think that 'sexy' requires an element of class and maturity to be desirable.

I spoke too soon, as now Strip is a part of my wardrobe. The first time I tested Strip I couldn't detect the tea note, nor would I have liked it back then even if I had. It's not as sweet as I previously took it to be, and its much more sultry and leathery than I could have imagined.

An amazing fragrance, very sexy and great for nights out and about.

26th April 2011
it has a creamy woodsy vanilla-like
opening but i think there a note missing praline wait a minute i'm picking up very potent scent of amber
very heavy indeed. i think this is to
sweet in my taste so i don't really
care for sweet candy like scents.
14th December 2010
This is the quieter sister of the original AP; still naughty but a LOT more subtle. My personal fave of the AP scents, whenever I wear this I get lots of compliments about how "warm" I smell. Sensuous and complex, not one of those in your face florals that leaves nothing but a headache behind it, this one for me leaves lingering memories of comfort, like a warm hug. A big thumbs up.
3rd July 2010
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