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There are 14 reviews of Agarwoud by Heeley.

Agarwoud fits right in with Heeley's mainly minimalistic ethos – it's a linear, acetone oud, quite stylized and buffed. The realization of the oud note is in the vein of MFK attempts – vaporous, clean, unashamedly synthetic. The same can be said of the rose here – which seems airbrushed to the point of unreality (a la Tocade). It brings an angular art deco sensibility to its approach to these natural elements which is surely the intention: to produce something sheer, beyond nature, almost conceptual. There is a touch of something woodsy like a sweetened sandalwood in the background which seems to be the only concession to the real.
The linearity can get to be a bore in something so streamlined, and I'll admit I wouldn't want to wear it often. But I find this enjoyable in infrequent doses.
Mar 15, 2015

I don't know why, but rose and I do not get along. I keep, because I want to understand the scent and learn the nuances...and two, because my wife adores the scent on me! I don't know what it could be? Perhaps that I am always reminded of my grandmother's house? Or that my first rose scent was Montale's Black Aoud...which I should have "built" up to!

So here I am testing one of my favorite house's rose/oud fragrance, Agarwoud, and I find myself really liking a rose scent, that is. It is very simple, and perhaps synthetic, but I could see myself wearing it. It is not very long lasting, nor does it project much, but it has a roundness to it, an almost satin-like feel.

I will keep trodding(word?) down the rose road, though, with the knowledge that Agawoud will be there for me if nothing else. It earns a 3 out of 5 for me.
Dec 22, 2014

Speaking as a Heeley's fan, Agarwoud is possibly the first real “fail” in his range so far, in my opinion (I've not tested the whole line, though). A completely conventional and dull synthetic oud scent, trying to play again Heeley's clean contemporary “transparency” card, which however here does not seem to manage to be a creative statement. Maybe because here it's not about reworking materials shaping them in some creative and clever way to give them that particular sort of understand and transparent look; here, it smells more of a “ready-made” scent, as basically synthetic oud smells like that already – I mean: a linear, sharp, synthetic oud pretty much exactly like dozens of others (pick any Montale without the “variation-topping”: same story). Salty, metallic nuances with a hint of translucent rose complete the blend. It's not strictly bad, but it's sadly dull, uninspired and honestly quite boring, as it is also quite linear. Plus the persistence is fairly short (not that you need hours of this...).

Nov 5, 2014

I applied this to my wrists and my nose picked up two notes. Rose and Beer. As time passed I recognized a woody note and a light rose again. It was a transparent and ethereal rose and pleasant, however ultimately soft. Offered a whiff to my brother-in law to ask his impressions. Without prompting he said "Hmm, Rose and Beer" We both moved on to watching the wives ordering dinner at the KiKi Bar. Cuir Pleine Fleur is much more interesting to this kid!


There is a styling, of, quiet, meditative, linear, precision and transparency that I have found intriguing of late. It's a quality that is carried with Heeley scents that I have tried. It is a narrative that has caused me to place Heeley on my list of imaginary Bespoke acquisition.

Mar 31, 2014

A simple, safe, quality, well made, well balanced and repetitive oud and rose combo.
This is the best way to describe this fragrance.
The whole idea of the scent is just a soft, none offensive scent.
The rose note is very fresh and a transparent.
It's not so heavy and in your face. it's not very sweet and syrupy. it's not so spicy, very woody or animalic ..... it's just simple, pleasant and fresh rose with a little bit of sweetness.
The oud note is light, but strong enough to give the scent a dark and woody feeling.
The incense note shows up just for a short time at the opening with slight smoky vibe, but disappears before even you can catch it.
If you like this combination and want something without anything that piss you off, this is for you.
Both projection and longevity is average. around 4-5 hours of longevity and medium projection.
I like it. not a bottle worthy fragrance for me but I like it.
Great quality and very good balance of the notes is something that shine in this fragrance.
Dec 24, 2013

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