Agarwood Noir 
Amouroud (2016)

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Agarwood Noir by Amouroud

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Agarwood Noir is a shared scent launched in 2016 by Amouroud

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Reviews of Agarwood Noir by Amouroud

There are 1 reviews of Agarwood Noir by Amouroud.

Starts off with a floral and animalic blast of jasmine and moss with a sweet apricot hovering over top. As soon as it opens up a bit, the rose and saffron begin to appear with the vanilla sitting gently underneath. Although the agarwood is definitely there straight from the initial spray, it stays subtly in the background as it begins to dry down and brings a nice woodiness thats combined with a very gentle vetiver and muted, sappy frankincense. The mossiness is still there too, but much like the agarwood, it subsides and really rounds out the loud florals that are experienced in the opening. There is also a slight pepperiness that is apparent, however I don't really get much leather. If I had to say what it reminded me of in the dry down, it would be the smell of a very robust jasmin/rose incense stick before it is lit. Subtly sweet, floral, slightly musky, and woody. All in all it is a good fragrance.

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