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Agarbathi is clean, spicy and masculine and feels very proper to wear - dresses up well. Built around incense with a hard palo santo cedar edge that flows into a creamy sandalwood finish. This is in the same genre of scent as Divine's L'homme Sage and also bears resemblance to original Old Spice but with a sharper, slightly green woods mixed in. I collect Penhaligons fragrances and I only found out about this relatively new spice scent a month ago, so I consider it to be mostly overlooked by the fragrance world. Where has this been? I would rank it just behind my favorite Penhaligons: Halfeti and As Sawira. Give it a try!
Feb 2, 2020

Strong sharp chemically spicy citrus opening with some fruit note and a little smoky synthetic oud, but not the kind of india incense smoke, more like burnt and sweet pepper and then a base of synthetic sandalwood/oud with lots of musk and a hint of natural patchouli.
Agarbathi ? Not a whiff of incense in this one, only characterless synthetic odd cherry spice and patchouli.
Sorry, but this one is really bad !
Dec 11, 2017

I pretty much agree with Odysseusm below. It is fairly light and definitely has a smooth milky accord going on. Small amounts of smoky incense creep in, but more would be even better. Sandalwood is a player here, but I don't fir whatsoever. All in all a very safe scent, but one worth a FB purchase as I can see it having some versatility.
Oct 8, 2017

A pleasant, if familiar-smelling, mix of woods and incense sweetened with clary sage and clove, over a base of smoky leather and inky "woody amber" aquatics.

Agarbathi basically smells like one of those CDG-inspired iso E super/incense niche scents that were everywhere 10 years ago, but slightly cheapened by the aquatic chemicals lurking in the drydown.

I'm voting thumbs up, just because I'll always have a soft spot for this sort of perfume, but I think you could do better for less money with a sniff through the Commes des Garcons incense collection.
Sep 25, 2017

This is a good scent. Perhaps not remarkable, but quite pleasant. Light incense and light suede combine to create a masculine but not heavy/macho scent. The spices are good and smoothed out by the milk accord. The florals are not sweet. Despite a fir balsam absolute note listed, I did not detect a distinct coniferous note.
Sep 23, 2017

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