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    • sicilian orange, mandarin, bergamot

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Afternoon Swim is a reintroduction of Tommy Hilfiger True Star from a citrus perspective rather than spice.
The unmistakable swimming pool chlorine note, as well as the mineral ocean note clearly trigger an aquatic affair but I have smelled it before and it was in True Star. Completely misunderstood then, it lives again now, draped in Louis Vuitton.
They are not exact or even close, but it is clear where the inspiration came from.
23rd July 2021
Afternoon Swim is a truly outstanding summer aquatic fresh citrus fragrance. The opening of the fragrance is a beautiful combination of orange and bergamot citrus, as if you grabbed best of AdP Arancia di Capri and Le Labo's Bergamote 22 to combine their oranges and lemons to open the first sniff inside Afternoon Swim. But that's just for starters. What moves Afternoon Swim to the next level is the masterful use of very subtle aquatic notes that smoothes out the sprightly citrus into a blue sublime aquatic that has a timeless, endless summer, open air quality. No wonder this aquatic magic appears for Louis Vuitton since the perfumer Jacques Cavallier is creator and master of aquatics in modern perfumery, whose resume includes creations of ground breaking aquatics of Armani Acqua di Gio, Issey Miyake L'Eau de Issey, and Bulgari Aqua Marine. What a tool bag of experience to bring to the job. It is an oversimplification to say this base is Calone, because Jacques Cavalier has decades of experience creating very elusive aquatic fresh varieties that allows him to transition this bright citrus opening into an endless sunset over deep blue water. Afternoon Swim is state of the art aquatics technology for a 21st century citrus blue masterpiece. Rating: 9/10.
24th April 2021

Afternoon Swim brings to my mind Tom Ford's Mandarino d' Amalfi. But while the Tom Ford has a boat load of listed notes including civet, I smell only oranges and salt in Afternoon Swim. Honestly, I haven't worn the TF Mandarino d' Amalfi for a long time and never remember smelling civet or half of the listed notes in it, but I do remember smelling oranges and salt as I do in Afternoon Swim. This fragrance is very enjoyable. It's smooth and even though there is a salty note, it isn't screechy like so many salty aquatics out there. It doesn't project for a long time, but it is a summer fresh fragrance. Based on that fact, it seems overpriced to me for what it is. I'd buy a bottle if I could get it for a deal...but Louis Vuitton doesn't "do" deals it appears. Still, a very nice summer fragrance and one I'd wear often if I owned it. The bottle presentation for Afternoon Swim is also just stunning.
22nd April 2021
After seeing people rave about afternoon Swim, I really wanted to try it. Acquiring just a small sample was not cheap, but it beats wasting hundreds of dollars for a bottle, of what in my opinion, is just an average scent..

The first few seconds remind me of Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc, or "white".. a sweet and mildly tart citrus, highlighted with a tangerine note. It quickly changed into a candied sweetened mandarin, along site a bitter bergamot, making for sort of a bracing citrus accord. I do however get this weird sort of chemical smell from it that rubs me all the wrong ways. It kind of smells something like Chlorinated water.

There's a certain crystalized sugar smell, I think this is what smells chemical to me. Sometimes it smells like sugar, while others it smells like chlorinated water. As it settles down, it turns into a watery grapefruit smell with a sugary smell.

I don't get the great performance that others have alluded to. I get mayb3 3-4 hours, and at this price, it's just not worth it.
7th March 2021
Closing the eyes and taking in the wafts of air that flow in like ripples from a clear tropical river you smell clean, fresh, invigorating water. Nearby, you can hear the showering sounds of a waterfall that radiate the aroma of the cascade. Light hot summer fragrance, fresh, clean and indeed cute. It's for a confident man of his power but down up to earth at the same time. Such a juicy and refreshing smell.

Opening is a sparkling citrus, very energizing and uplifting later it gets woodier but still fresh. Hint of the amber dry down that's very faint almost like a whisper, but it's there. it's backed by white musk and what smells to me like more ISO E super that brings to mind an ice cold glass of freshly squeezed citrus juices with ice cubes clinking around and drops of condensation running down the side.

Definitely a spring and summer fragrance for casual daytime adventures. Even wear this to a business meeting as it's inoffensive, a light speay and it leaves a nice fresh smell about you.a true compliment getter. Girls really dig scent. Overall, not a bad fragrance at all. Is it unique?no, not per se, but the execution is really good. Longevity is actually nice for a fresh citrus six hours easy.
6th May 2020
Sweet n sour citrusy grapefruit and mandarine, salty and a little musky. First thought was Creed's Millesime Imperial but not in a clone way. More like LV's take on a sparkling, salty, hot day fragrance. Funny that it is a blue color juice since it reminds me more of the sandy beach than the water.

To me, this has better performance than MI with 8-9 hours longevity and good projection during the first 4-6 hours.
15th August 2019
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