After Dark fragrance notes

    • Spice, Bergamot, Amber, Tonka bean

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Fairly decent tonka frag
With a tenner you can snag
Bath and Body does Chanel
Echoes of that powd'ry smell

Ambergamot?  Yes, it's there
Sniffed before, but not sure where
Tonka gold, or it may seem
Kin aesthetic fragrant dream

Loudly, After Dark proclaims
"You smell me!" to all the dames
Sound projection, one might add
'Tween the ugly, good and bad

What's to liketh not, you say
Should it rhyme in fragrant way?
Something wambry, don't you know
Leath'ry, maybe, even though

Woody amber, likely be
What component, nose can't see
Twixt bad ass and assly bad
Touch of skank makes Red spray rad

Good performance, better scent
Oft returned from where it went
Better as it comes and goes
Pleasant to this peasant nose

Can one recommend this frag?
Yes one can - no need two nag
Try one spray, or maybe three
Should one find the one four thee

Get the body wash as well
Good performance, better smell
Veritable format spree
Bath & Body Works for me.
13th November 2023
I was lucky enough to buy a travel size version of this cologne. It definitely fits the name. I would definitely wear this when I’m going out at night. I get an Amber smell with tobacco. I’m sad I didn’t get to buy a larger bottle.
23rd February 2023