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Reviews of Afrika-Olifant by Nishane

There are 5 reviews of Afrika-Olifant by Nishane.

Leather Oud wannabe

Have you ever wondered to yourself, "What if I took Leather Oud and made the base all kinds of generic woody ambers?" Here is your answer.
It has that "Day at the Zoo" opening that is also present in Leather Oud. I assume this is their stand in for castoreum. It does smell like an animal pen without the manure and urine. But as it dries down it becomes a bit lame. The same woody-amber from Sultan Vetiver is in the base, along with a smoke aroma, and a bit of spicy incense. Its also got some of that ambrox from the base of Ombre leather, the part that sorta smells like an amber. Lasts through showers.

The one fragrance that really comes to mind a lot for me is Al Oudh by L'Artisan. They have a really similar feeling, but this one feels like it has a bit more heft to it. I could see someone who likes this fragrance, but feels like it just has a bit of cheap base, I'd recomend Al Oudh. If you like Al Oudh, but find the performance a bit lacking I'd recomend this. This does have some more glaring synthetic animalistic qualities in the opening that are more missing from the L'Artisan. I prefer the L'Artisan. It feels better composed and blended. This one is a touch choppy.
Sep 6, 2020

It does not work for me. Maybe I need a 2nd or 3rd wear because my initial smell was way to animalistic but being a very big supporter of Nishane I must be missing something. Every scent of theirs I have tried till this has been superb.
Dec 13, 2019

A surprisingly fresh smoky incense fragrance with a hint of musky sweetness. Looking at the note breakdown you would be forgiven to think this scent is going to be beastly. But nothing could be farther from the truth.

The animalistic notes of civet and leather are well blended and well behaved behind the smoky incense.

All in all a very nice enigmatic smelling fragrance.
Jan 30, 2016

This is the best Nishane for me yet. This opens with a myrrh incense smoke. The animalic notes are there, just done in a modern way in which they don't shout. There is a suede-like leather there in the dry down, but on me this ends up an oud scent. An eclectic array of notes blended very well! Thumbs up!
Dec 11, 2015

A herbal opening blast with myrrh, labdanum and an animallic undertone of castoreum and civet. A rich interesting and unusual start, and quite captivating. There is an element of old leather present and in the drydown a rich and deep olibanum is added that combines a nigh citrus-like brightness with a deep and complex raisinous undertone. Beautifully balancing the animalic with the frnakincense, the dark with the fresh and crisp. A delicious mix.

The drydown adds musky notes, and I get a pleasantly refreshing sharpness that reminds me of some of the more modern oak moss notes, with a good measure of musk thrown in. An wood component gives is a smoother edge.

The performance on my skin is splendid, with fairly strong sillage, excellent projection and eleven hours if longevity. A beautiful autumnal oriental-chypre dyad, where the synthetic notes are restrained and blend in very convincingly, whilst the whole olfactoric edifice is very well structured. A beautiful creation and arguable one of Nishanes finest, a masterpiece of JL. 4.25/5
Oct 10, 2015

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