The company say:

A perfume without compromises, a world where light merges into darkness and gravity floats over time.

An experiment and a gamble that delivers this exclusive high quality perfume hidden in the shadow of mystery. The unique Aeon001 perfume bottle is designed to hold preciously its floating content, a liquid gem suspended in the air ready to awake all the senses. Air is replacing  thickness and lightness is fighting with darkness to sublimate in pleasure. The Aeon001 bottle is handmade using borosilicate glass for a total volume of 65 ml.

For the perfumer a dream came true, releasing an experimental scent, regardless of commercial or brand driven restrictions, for a limited circle of yet unknown friends and lovers of rare fragrances.

Aeon001 is challenging the perception of vetiver blending it with white flowers, smoke and spices together with a translucent layer of glowing resins.

Aeon 001 fragrance notes

    • vetiver, white flowers, smoke, spices, resins

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This was part of a sample set from Bloom Perfumery called Luca Turin Loves.
Which is no surprise because he loves Jicky and this is a brighter and cheaper version of it.
If it had been sold as an honest dupe at 30% of the price, it would have been alright.
But whatever, it doesn't exist any more so just get the Jicky.
26th February 2023
Don't fall in for the marketing mumbo-jumbo, try before you buy. To my nose, this is more of a post-modern take on the indolic-decadent-floral chypre theme with a generous measure of vetiver thrown in than a true exercise in vetiver. It sure is well-made, complex and interesting, but the skanky white-floral note floating over the dense haze of the other components ruins it for me. Thick and heady, as is the current vogue in niche, this should appeal to fans of Slumberhouse or O'Driu. Imagine a Mazzolari with a dollop of Bandit and a dash of white florals, and you'll get the picture.
21st January 2021

With Aeon 001 we travel with perfumer Antonio Gardoni down several strata of mulch – a place of relative darkness but teeming with life. Aeon 001 is one of the few perfumes that does justice to the complex aroma profile of vetiver as a raw material and then adds something worth adding on top. So beyond the gorgeous bittersweet earthy humidity of this humble root in all its glory, there are perfectly dosed smoky tones that dissolve into the whole, some terpenic mastic chewiness and a bright white floral boundary which offers a kind of beckoning-lights-in-the-distance effect for a while until it fades. Aeon 001 feels grounded and grounding – a druid commanding a vast vista.
20th September 2018
Genre: Woods

Does for vetiver what Antonio Gardoni's more recent MEM has done for lavender: vetiver from another planet. I honestly can't remember whether I'd guessed that Aeon 001 was Gardoni's work prior to the big reveal* on Luca Turin's defunct blog, but in retrospect, it should have been obvious. A pungent, licorice-leaning vetiver and a boatload of cypriol sit atop the kind of simultaneously medieval-medicinal/animalic accord that has become Gardoni's calling card. (See MAAI, MEM, Cologne Reloaded, or Gardelia for examples.) If there were ever any doubt as to whether anything new or distinctive could be done with vetiver, this ought to dispel it. There is a weird compelling/repellent tension in Aeon 001's structure that keeps me coming back to it again and again. While I don't find it all that easy to wear, I can't seem to keep myself from trying.

*The schtick behind Aeon Perfumes is that they won't reveal the nose behind each limited edition scent until the entire stock sells out. Silly, if you ask me, but I suppose everybody needs a gimmick these days.
3rd July 2018