Enrique Iglesias (2014)

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Reviews of Adrenaline by Enrique Iglesias

Sweet smokey tonka, strong violet and rose combo with the rose prevailing, pepper and aromatic wood. Got it because I saw it on sale for only 10 EUR/100ml and the notes seemed very interesting to me whereas the name and the marketing totally did not.

At first I thought it certainly wasn't bad but I had a bad déjà-smelled feeling, namely with Adidas Extreme Power EdT.

It grew on me however the more I recognized how it differs from aforementioned and smells more natural and mature. Don't get me wrong, it's still an adolescent smell that wouldn't really suit... let's say men 35 or 40+. I can see this working well in a club too, especially if (travel) sprayed not too long ago.
Oct 19, 2019

The opening of this actually reminded me of another celebrity frag....Daddy Yankee's. Nice sweet apple with leather and woods. But then when it begins to drydown it gets spicier and more creamy with the violet poking it's head in there.

Yeah, it doesn't smell of the highest quality with some synthetic tang in there....but it does smell good and has impressive longevity for a cheapie. You could do much worse than this offering IMO. Worth looking into and giving a sniff for bargain hunters who just want to smell good for little $'s
Jan 30, 2016

This perfume boasts romantic but masculine fragrance. Its top notes give freshness of mandarin, lemon and violet, then followed by its hot and spicy mid notes of black pepper (Madagascar), saffron and pomarosa. The base notes that give masculine scent are roasted tonka bean, cedar wood and leather.

Longevity moderate, sillage moderate to strong. Not an enormous type of scent.
Feb 21, 2015

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