Perfumer Shawn Maher says:

It is a modern aquatic scent reimagined from the deck of a riverboat instead of the seashore... changed from a limited edition release to a permanent addition to our line. 

Named after and inspired by the famous riverboat that spent many years patrolling the shores of the Mississippi River and was one of the art deco icons of 20th century Saint Louis. This is a sweet breeze on a summer day patrolling the banks by Laclede's Landing. It is a modern scent inspired by the modernist design of the iconic mid-century modern riverboat.

Admiral fragrance notes

    • lemongrass, verbena, bergamot, aquatic notes, sage, blackcurrant bud, riverboat smoke, tonka bean, musk

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I'm not a great reviewer, but this is a lovely aquatic scent, the muddy flats and slow murky water flowing by, with a thin line of dark riverboat smoke smoke above blending seamlessly through dry-down. Leaving the city port, you smell the sage, flowers, and berries of black currant bud pass by onshore as they swirl in and around you. Shawn Maher is a master of telling a story with his scents,I have several and always enjoy a 'tale well told'.
17th October 2020