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Adidas (1986)

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There are 7 reviews of Adidas Classic / Classic Blue by Adidas.

Dry citrus with herbal, green and woody notes. The opening reminds me a lot of Tuscany by Aramis, then the rose and geranium are more dominant in the middle. It fades more quickly than Tuscany, with the fresher notes more prominent. Adidas being a maker of athletic shoes and clothing, this was clearly intended to be a lighter "sport" fragrance, but it is more interesting and sophisticated than most of what's offered as "sport" fragrances these days. It can even transition to the office or an evening out with no difficulty. Quite nice!
Mar 4, 2014

Note that the "original" Adidas cologne is golden, while the Coty Version is blue (hence "Classic Blue.") Adidas Original is a great 80's fragrance -- a pretty strong musk/incense scent. Longevity is only a few hours of strong projection and then goes close to the skin (similar to an Avon scent.)

The "Classic Blue" Coty reformulation is a more of a 90's scent -- *almost* an entirely different animal. The "spirit" of the original is there, but the musk/incense is heavily muted and smells more synthetic. It actually more resembles Everlast's 2005 fragrance than its original version. Projection and longevity are not as good as the original (even though the Coty Version is an EDT.)

I own both versions and have done side by side comparisons. If I had only owned the Coty version and never smelled the original Jovan/Quintessence version, I'd be quite pleased with Coty. But if you can get the original version, you'll be even more pleased, especially if you appreciate scents of the 80's.
Feb 21, 2014

Powdery, musky chypre with a deeply pungent undertone of fruits and flowers. A touch of lavender and detectable notes of patchouli and cedarwood anchor the juice to tradition. Decent.
Apr 15, 2011

This was probably the first cologne I ever got for Xmas, late 1980s. Funny thing, I got a sample of Chanel Allure Homme, which at first I thought smelled like Burberry London, and still does a little, but the second time I sprayed it, I thought, god I remember that smell, it smells like Adidas, which I probably haven't smelled in over 10 years. Come here to check the notes, both have bergamot and mandarin topnotes, and vetiver and cedarwood basenotes. too funny, since adidas probably costs like 10 bucks. I think you can smell a little more powder(tonka?) in the chanel though, I really would like to smell this adidas again though...
Aug 29, 2009

Last reviewer said it best..."transport me right back to my youth"...sparks nostalgia. I wouldn't keep it as part of my wardrobe, but I might put it on for fun or a trip down memory lane.
Nov 6, 2007

This was the first fragrance I ever purchased for myself, at the duty-free shop in Zurich airport. I second Mr. Russell in his "cheap scent that smelled good" estimation. I may even need to get some again - it'll transport me right back to my youth.
Aug 3, 2006

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