Addictive Arts : Chasing the Dragon Hypnotic 
Clive Christian (2017)

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Reviews of Addictive Arts : Chasing the Dragon Hypnotic by Clive Christian

First of all: I never do this, but is that name really necessary? I remember Zammo "chasing the dragon" in Grange Hill back in the day, and it wasn't pleasant. There really isn't a need for this.

Offense-taking over, and this is a very pleasant oriental that will suit a variety of noses. Nicely sharp and tight, not overpowering, with discernible notes. Nothing wrong with the quality, just a case of whether that magic money tree is fruiting this year.

Pink pepper, moss, balsam, amber.
Dec 4, 2019

Sweetish, immense incense opening. Swirling notes of pink pepper, elemi, bergamot, ginger, and of course, incense. Very dramatic. This one, was a blind-buy decant I knew I'd love.

The heart reveals spicy clove. I smell a little cherry. Touch of cinnamon. Fir balsam begins to rise. Basil and labdanum lie beneath. The heart is decidedly oriental. Sugary but not too much - incense that mingles with natural elements.

The base has some moss and leather; amber & myrrh. All of these notes mesh so well it is difficult to pick them individually. The name of this fragrance fits; although I do not "chase the dragon" as do the slaves to Miss H must, this IS a "hypnotic" fragrance indeed.
Dec 8, 2018

Largely that sweetened condensed milk smell made famous by Angel, but paired with green herbs and suede instead of the usual patchouli, lightened with a shot of citrus that gives it an unexpected freshness. Given time, the evaporated milk caramelizes into dulce de leche, joined by brown sugar and mace as the leather fades.

In all, I think Chasing The Dragon: Hypnotic is perfectly nice, well concentrated, and definitely worthy of a thumbs up, though I can't imagine paying almost $900 for this. For a less expensive (though still expensive) substitute, I'd recommend checking out Kilian's Black Phantom, which is similar but adds coffee.
Sep 29, 2018

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