Adam Levine for Women fragrance notes

    • Indian Jasmine Petals, Australian Sandalwood, Rose Petals, vanilla

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It's hard to find good feminine, true sandalwood fragrance and Adam Levine is just that. You're either gonna like this one or you're not. Far less aggressive than other these fragrances in this kind. Provocative, yet not dark; independently sensual without a care in the world somehow.

The opening, much like their exterior, is strong and at times bitter. But the wait is worth it; treat them like equals, wait 45 minutes, and they are warm, sensual, complex, and highly stimulating. The florals emphasis the natural character of sandalwood and the basenotes, anchor it, offering longevity and emphasisingth the very good nature of composition.

The sandalwood and benzoin resin in combination presenta coconut-like accord with a slightly humid undertone. All together it's a skin scent, at the same time a bit sweaty, in a good way like the naked body or laying with your lover after sex somewhere warm and savoring the moment. Unisex, leaning feminine and fine for work. If you like Le Labo Santal 33 i can't imagine you not liking this one. Performance is average lasting about six hours before becoming soft.
13th July 2022
Adam Levine for Women has been around for a few years. It's one of the better perfume bargains out there, unisex to my nose & was created by Yann Vasnier.
Longevity is excellent with all the benzoin in the base. I love the fact that the cap fits very well and does not fall off easily. Extra points for that. I blind bought this in 2014, but find myself enjoying this cozy composition a lot recently.
As always, it's only my opinion and YMMV.
3rd March 2022

This was a blind buy for me and turned out to be a great cheap thrill scent. There is a hint of citrus in the top, but it is really all about spice, wood, and vanilla, well rounded and has a soft, cozy feeling to it. It's spicy oriental/gourmand. I was hesitant about a celebrity scent, but this is extremely well done.
7th December 2018
I really liked the scent & wear it often as it isn't over powering. However, I find the price point for the quality quite unbalanced. I first found it at Kohl's $50.00 for 2.5 ml. And later bought it online from ebay, which I would caution all purchasers to know your seller. I bought several expensive perfumes from one particular seller and all were prepared so that the atomizer had the real perfume, so your first few sprays you would think it was real thing, thereafter finding only such watered down cologne it barely scented the air for 1 minute then dissipated.

So I am unsure if the 2nd bottle I purchased is authentic. I have tried the original Kohls purchase and the "testor" and they both don't seem to linger the full day. After 3 hours. This is the EDT but I have purchased other EDT's and they last most of the day.

18th January 2015
Yesterday I sampled Spiritueuse Double Vanille, but the vanilla in that one was too strong. In this one, it's just right (if you want a vanilla scent of this type), though I don't think you'll like this if you hate vanilla. In any case, the drydown is rich and natural smelling, and even has reasonably good depth! The balance is fairly good too, though perhaps just a bit more vanillic than I'd like (and not enough sandalwood). I don't get much saffron, other than perhaps in the top notes, so that shouldn't be an issue for those who dislike that note. And I agree with CDGfan over at Fragrantica, in that this has a specific kind of jasmine/incense feel (I didn't know the name of it but she apparently does). Overall, this is one that I'll likely keep, as I can use it for layering too! Also, I consider the drydown unisex, at least for those who enjoy vintage or niche. A very nice surprise for quite a low price.
6th January 2015
I can't diss it and I won't endorse it.
Basically, a simple woody scent.
Not sweet. No florals that I can detect. No vanilla thankfully.
Just a kind of bland, woody scent. Kinda pencil shavings. Not very exciting.
26th June 2014