Gabriella Chieffo (2015)

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Reviews of Acquasala by Gabriella Chieffo

Gabriella Chieffo Acquasala is an aromatic/musky "neo-marine" unisex (bitter/herbal) accord focused on liquid spices, fir resins, fresh caraway, dry patchouly and herbal dustiness. I get a mild powdery-figgy and musky dust counteracting the dry-herbal-minty-salty bitterness in a way we can say this juice plays the game of contrasts. There is in the air a weird (kind of Art-Nouveau/naif) "Oriza L. Legrand's like" (musky-aromatic and apothecary) atmosphere re-interpreted in a salty/marine key. Yes, this fragrance smells averagely synthetic and kind of partially soapy (with its soapy-fleshy-figgy-aromatic saltiness) but smells good. Despite not "in my holy genre" I get in here balance and taste. There is a juice jumping immediately on my mind, namely Jul et Mad Aqua Sextius which shares with the Gabriella Chieffo's creation a sort of fluidy/musky, "liquid", laundry/anisic/grassy and aromatic-salty freshness, just Aquasala being more focused on laundry-powdery saltiness (and piquant/floral dustiness -- with iris, fresh frankincense and pepper ) while Aqua Sextius more properly on cool tea, fir resins and mossy woodsiness. Aquasala is a nice spring/summer-accord smelling about herbs (elemi), dry spices, earthy patchouli and finally about powder, soapiness and medicinal muskiness. Not surely my cup of tea but something I can recommend if you appreciate a woodsy-anisic (finally tending to cool musky soapiness) kind of salti-marine accord.
Apr 7, 2016

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