Acqua Viva 
Profumum (2007)

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Reviews of Acqua Viva by Profumum

There are 21 reviews of Acqua Viva by Profumum.

Extremely fresh and realistic lemon, saturating a woody backbone. Very long-lasting citrus. The smell of sunshine in summer.
Nov 21, 2021

Very natural mediterranean citrus and crypress really smells like actual lemons.not sweet lemon cake,not candy lemon lollipops- squeezed lemons.if you are expecting a big bold sex magnet, look elsewhere.this is pure self indulgence. an almost floral feminine feel to it,but lemon kicks in and it gets a bit more unisex.if cypress trees bore golden yellow citrus fruits,this is what a grow of them would smell, bracing, woody, zesty and rich,but not heavy.

The opening is sparkling with lemon, is bitter and i get more the peal of the citruses than the juice,or it's like the smell of the inside of a fruit after the juice was squeezed.with time,the bitterness tons down and it becomes a little more zesty and,by the end,when it's purely a skin scent, a creamier and sweeter lemonade.this is quite a multifaceted scent on close inspection, with citrus,woody,and herbal accords at different points during the dry down.vere refreshing, spontaneous,crystal fresh lemon scent.very suitable for hot months or humid weather.
Sep 22, 2021

Sharp fresh lemon, very similar if not totally identical to Jo Malone's classic, Verbenas of Provence.
Jun 25, 2020

Great citrus scent. The cedar and cypress smell more realistic and are enchanting compared to the synthetic smells of many fragrances of this type. In some ways this is one of the best wood smelling fragrances on top of the citrus.
Jan 3, 2019

This is disappointing especially in light of its very promising beginning.
First 15 minutes is a spicy citrusy lemony fresh masculine smell. A very classy all season wear anywhere fragrance.
Very quickly it dries down to a generic damp grass with a component reminiscent of vetiver. Wishy washy. Perhaps it is the reaction this has with my skin type as a lot of the reviews praise this and it was recommended to me by one of our fellow senior basenoters as the archetypal citrusy fragrance.
By far the best of this type of fragrance is Guerlain's L'eau Boissee.
It is not only much better in every sense but also cheaper. I almost bought a bottle but that wishy washy component is still there as well.

If Profumum was not so expensive it would be a neutral . Considering the price thumbs down, don't waste your time and money.
Dec 8, 2017

Photorealistic lemon, followed by a lot more lemon, followed by woods. The lemon is rich, zesty, two-dimensional and very tenacious. It does have a green 'feel', maybe simply because of the lemon and woods? It does smell high quality throughout, despite being a little synthetic in the base.

This maybe for you if you are looking for a concentrated citrus. It's not for me because I find this style of fragrances to be boring after a while, and it's also rather overpriced given what it is. It does have some similarities with Eau d'Hadrien and also Hadrien Absolu. Clearly among the best in its style, but not something for me.

Nov 7, 2017

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