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A simple but by no means simplistic composition, Holy Water delivers on its intangible promises. The sandalwood and frankincense create a sublime airy, spicy accord, enriched by the rose and uplifted by the orange blossom. Where many frankincense fragrances evoke a cathedral, this one evokes the great outdoors *as* a cathedral. There is, close to the skin, a subtle animalic component as well—another ingredient, or perhaps an aspect of the stated notes that I've not noticed before. In any case, it serves to give the fragrance (and perhaps the wearer) just enough weight to keep from floating away on the wind.
3rd February 2022
Flowers- a fresh rose and a sweet, tender orange blossoms note- introduce a beautiful, mineral, slightly sour accord of citrus and incense. I' m sort of short of words in describing this scent further- despite my steering clear from any kind of mysticism, I do feel a powerful sense of peace, coolness and focus while wearing Holy Water.
Beautiful in the easy and straightforward way some things are- balance, grace and quiet wonder stem from simplicity and precision of the composition.
On a more worldly level, I guess this fragrance could prove perfect in hot weather, succeeding in anchoring the fleeting citrus notes in the resinous base and yelding a persistent sense of coolness.
12th June 2015

Fruit, rose, wood, incense is what I get immediately. The rose is clear green and fresh. There seems to be orange blossom in the mix as well. The fruit is orange, juicy and lively. There is an aromatic note (sage?), and the frankincense is light, dry and dusty. The wood is in the background and does not dominate or weigh down this zingy composition. The combination of the whole is minty, fresh and lively. Mild + projection only. Gentle, uplifting, discrete. Thumbs up.
24th March 2015
Yes, Acqua Santa is simply divine, one of the best aqueous/hesperidic and dusty frankincense renditions of the olfactory panorama, a totally natural aroma absolutely "ambiental", eucharistic, averagely fresh yet at the same time comforting, somehow silent and sinister with its "ascetic" accord of spicy citrus oil, rose, aromatic odours and frankincense. The latter (with its Eau d'Italie's vague conjurations) is immediately detectable in its rosey oily and spicy fluidity, so aqueous and sharp, so shadowy and meditative. I detect by soon bergamot, orange blossoms, may be oregano, probably pepper immediately followed by nutmeg and sharp floral notes all diluted in a tea-like immediately notable liquid frankincense over a dry woody base. Simply impeccable and with a sheer liturgic woody/lemony final undertone.
18th May 2014
Good but not for me While I give this 5 stars, it's really not for me. It was different in the tester vial, and perhaps this is due to the fact that I was using smaller amounts when testing it. Anyway, it's just a bit too much orange for me. I have consequently decided to sell my bottle.Pros: lasts longer than people thinkCons: too much orange for me"
7th August 2013
Divine! A joyful and friendly, 100% natural perfume in an EDC-style. Superb quality and blended to perfection. Weak longevity is the only downside.Pros: ScentCons: Longevity"
19th July 2013
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