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Acqua di Sale is a shared scent by Profumum

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There are 37 reviews of Acqua di Sale by Profumum.

Acqua di Sale is by far my favorite in the marine realm of fragrance. Nothing in the mix is turned up too hot, it's all blended superbly. A number of marine materials have been used by the house to create that ambience of sea spray, distant pools of starfish and sand dollars, seaweed and brine from the ocean. Calone is mercifully dosed at a minimum for accent (how it's best used), and there is an explicable seaside tang that is captured here, somewhat sweet, somewhat pungent, but so pleasant to my nose.

It is interesting to note that I also detect the myrtle as mentioned in its pyramid: sweet, fresh, green, camphoraceous, like its leaves under the sun with the herbaceous quality from its blooms. The only other "saline" effect that matches this is from older formulation Annick Goutal Vetiver. There is also this anisic undertone to it as it dries down into the heart. Further into the dry down, it feels like wet stones and driftwood. Marine and aquatic impressions are hard to pull off in such a compelling manner, and Profumum Roma delivers it with such panache, and I say that as a New Englander who has lived by the sea my whole life. Thumbs up!

It has a a definite marine aspect, though not as strongly marine as squid by Zoologist. It doesn't stir me with memories of the seaside or anything like than so in view of the excessive price, I am neutral on it.

We often wear perfumes for intensely personal (read: romanticized) reasons - quality be damned.

I'm personally glad to call Acqua di Sale a "quality" fragrance, but perhaps I'm doing so because it reminds me so fondly of growing up on the shores of the Northeastern United States.

Perhaps I feel such a close connection to this fragrance because I'm a self-professed "summer boiii" and love to love the warmth of sunshine and all the other romanticized cliches that go along with that.

Acqua di Sale is purely a wash of summertime memory and joy to me. Whether you find it to be of quality or not, I'll always want to wear this because I almost always want to experience heat and brine and cool waters and humid air and other scent memory.

This is an outstanding aquatic.
You can smell the sea salt and the sand on warm yet fresh ocean breaze.. Perhaps because the aquatic is so realistic you even get fleeting glimpses of fish scales but look again and they're gone. Preferably so.
After half an hour this settles down to the exact skin smell you get when you have been for a swim and then sunbathed on the beach reading books and sipping ice cold drinks with a hint of mint thrown in.
A masterpiece.
Would I wear this? No. This is not a picture I want to smell of even though it is beautifully done. Maybe for a confident beautiful athletic woman but even then there are better pictures she could paint.
Heeley's Sel Marine is not a patch on this although it is more wearable. Still not for me though. It is irrelevant in the shadow of its cousin Heeley's excellent Yuzu.

Fragrance: 5/5
Projection: 3-4/5
Longevity: 4/5

Profumum Acqua di Sale is an odd marine composition--salty and musky, primarily, but also slightly woody and herbal. The marine aspect is strong, as there's some vague idea of seaweed and even sand/dirt in it. It comes off genuinely mixed in the way that seawater often is.

Nothing special in terms of projection or longevity, Acqua di Sale is a performance letdown for a house that generally has a reputation of strong fragrances, which should be an expectation anyway, at $250 for 100ml EDP.

6 out of 10

Opens with a blast of what seems to be mint, not unlike Lauder's Metropolis, then softens down to an unimaginative warm, sweet and musky middle. It's only by a stretch of imagination that you'll discern a faint marine freshness behind the powdery drydown.

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