Acqua di Giò Profumo fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, aquatic notes
  • Heart

    • geranium, sage, rosemary
  • Base

    • patchouli, incense

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Oud Minerale is one of my favourite fragrances, and it was a tragedy to me when it was discontinued. In many ways, "Profumo" is an acceptable substitute for the TF scent.

Both frags are excellent marines, and very complementary to each other. Where "Oud Minerale" is chilly and oily, "Profumo" is warm and spicy, and very easy to wear. "Profumo" also has the advantage in being one third of the price, widely available, and still in production. It's also very easy to wear and should satisfy most buyers looking for a decent watery, masculine frag.
19th April 2023
Sprayed it on today to check out what all the hype was about, and was overpowered by stinky sour seaweed and incense. This is "masculine"? God, sometimes fragcom confuses the hell out of me. Plagiarizing from two other reviews here, Armani really nails the abstract "cologney" smell while also making it an overpowering hippie incense-patchouli bomb.

Some time later it dried down and I knew where I recognized it before. A lot of guys were wearing this when it came out in college, and whenever a guy wearing it walked by I always thought "of all the wonderful colognes out there, he chose this one?". I never saw it in sephora so I never ID'd it. So the trail smell isn't great, off the arm it isn't great, and judging from how the employee near me in sephora cringed when I picked up this bottle, I assume it's not well liked.

I keep sniffing my arm thinking my opinion has to change but this is just headache-inducing and terrible. Why is this so popular??
7th December 2022

Has more character and depth than AdG. Quite rounded and pleasant. Would've been really nice on the right woman. Yes, I do mean woman. However, can detect old make-up bag note in the drydown, so in the end it's over and out. We're in high price territory, so no chemical or plastic-y notes allowed.
9th August 2022
Wow I was not expecting this one to be this good but it's a winner.

Lots of citrus and incense mixing in with patchouli and geranium. Sea notes add the marine vibe and the sage gives the scent that extra sensuality. Walking along the beach at night in the Bahamas under a full moon is the vibe I get.

One extra surprise I got was the complexity, it really opens up in the basenotes and the rosemary comes out more. And it's really beautiful accord to add to the mysterious smoky enigmatic night time in paradise vibe.

I got a recent bottle with the click on cap and batch code suggests it was made in April 2022. A few sprays and I'm done for the day, first two hours are great then it stays close to you. I would say within a half a arms length. But the longevity is great, I can smell it basically for most of the day. It has a persistent presence though the projection after the first two hours is not stellar.

All in all a great fragrance and one that would be good for attracting the ladies due to it's mysterious sensual allure. lol
11th July 2022
If you liked the original, this will absolutely wow you. If you haven't tried the original this will absolutely wow you. Total 'chef's kiss' for Profumo.
It's certainly AdG but deeper and richer, more 'now' with better aquatic notes and I find the performance to be solid as well. All around stellar for office or casual, and generally all season though it is amazing for summer. I don't have room for more bottles and am trying to hold to an armistice with my wallet on new bottles but this is full bottle worthy. I like the fact that every facet of this fragrance, the top aquatic/citric freshness, the middle sage and herbs and the patch/incense are in perfect harmony. Fresh but not light, aquatic but not 'blue', elegant but not too formal. Bright and youthful, yet classy and mature. Consider me a fan and hopefully future full bottle owner. Thumbs up.
26th May 2022
I've been wearing niche fragrances almost exclusively since I began this journey into fragrances, I finally decided to get some samples of uber-popular designer scents, and this was among them, and I must say, I'm really impressed.

Of all the designer brands offerings I tried, Acqua di Gio Profumo and Bleu de Chanel stood out among the crowd.

Acqua di Gio Profumo is surely crowd-pleasing. I'm not sure who wouldn't like this. Smooth is the word that comes right to mind, as this transitions from bright, poppy citrus and aquatics up top, into mellow, savory mids of rosemary and sage, and then bottoms out with spicy incense and patchouli - the whole ride is just incredibly smooth.

I get average longevity (6-8 hours?) but pretty great sillage for 3 or 4 hours before it starts transitioning into a skin scent.

I have friends who have sworn by this fragrance for so long, I had to add it to my list of designer frags to try. It won't unseat some of my favorite niche frags (Jubilation, Ani, etc.) but as far as designer scents go, this is really well-blended and pleasant. I prefer it to Sauvage, le Male, Armani Code, the list goes on and on. The only other one I felt achieved this level of smooth pleasantness for me was Bleu de Chanel.

Yes, I am going to need a FB of this. A masterpiece as designer fragrances go, and an easy blind-grab warm month signature scent that is sure to attract compliments.

Edit: Now a proud owner of a full large bottle (getting nervous as the rumors of discontinuation seem louder than ever) and couldn't be happier. I'm much more a niche guy, but this is my favorite designer cologne so far.
14th April 2022
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