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Santa Maria Novella (1998)

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Acqua di Cuba by Santa Maria Novella

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Reviews of Acqua di Cuba by Santa Maria Novella

Wanted to love this -- and if you're a huge fan of natural mosquito repellents, you will. I didn't get any tobacco at all, but the scent does develop into a honey-bomb as it develops. Good performance.

Smells like my grandfather...not that thats bad. My pawpaw was my hero and was the one of the kindest and toughest guys i knew. He was my hero and this reminds me of him. However, while its nice in its nostalgia, you need the perfect scenario to wear this in. Its powdery...sometimes foody and can be overbearing. Now I know why they put the stopper splash guard because too much of this would kill a small horse...just a little is nice and goes a long way. From this house, i have smelled Russa, lavanda, verbena, Pomegranite, sandalwood, patchouli and musk. Musk is the way to go here.

An unusual tobacco scent. Very sharp, almost acidic tobacco notes throughout followed by a dark, musky drydown that enters skanky territory in the base. Lasts a good while, about 8 hours or so on me, but the last stages would be trying for many. In fact, all stages would be trying for many! Something about the acidic nature of the tobacco in this puts it into the "dated" category of scents that I associate with older men. I will say it's the closest I've smelled to a real cigar, but there's also something a little mildewy about it. I wanted to love it, but have to go neutral.

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