Acqua di Cuba 
Santa Maria Novella (1998)

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There are 18 reviews of Acqua di Cuba by Santa Maria Novella.

Santa Maria Novella "Acqua di Cuba" -

Opens with a very pleasant semi-sweet honey that blends quickly into a flower blossom accord. Not overly sweet or too flowery at all. The tobacco is of the moist variety where you get a humidor effect, no ash or smoke to be found here.

Acqua di Cuba is strong and subtle all at once and as the user you may not realize how it is being perceived by others. In the air, the tobacco aura around you will carry the scent more prominently than when you just bury your nose into your wrist. Definitely a trait of a well made fragrance.

3 stars.

Nov 3, 2020

An exquisite composition. The effect of Acqua di Cuba is undeniably gorgeous; its central cigars-in-a-humidor accord, laced with cinnamon, seems to drift in on a breeze that also carries with it the aroma of distant flowers.

But this is certainly one for the tobacco lovers and no others need apply. Tobacco is my favorite note and even I find this a bit challenging because it's so enveloping. Acqua di Cuba sticks around for quite a while and it projects like gangbusters, even if it isn't particularly dense or heavy.
May 10, 2019

One of the best tobacco focused fragrances I have tried. Some powder, semi sweet, moist cigar tobacco with no other competing main notes (Musk, Fruit, Liquor) to distract from this lovely scent. Full bottle worthy for sure if you like tobacco.
Aug 22, 2017

Gorgeous powdery floral honey - a burst of dry tobacco leaf at first, quickly leading to that honey, festooned with acacia and mimosa blossoms, a wisp of white florals, a pinch of SMN's signature clove, and a burst of powdery benzoin. The combination is wonderful, a perfect mix.

Given time, it all melds together to smell like pleasant honey-scented soap with a pinch of almond and suede, which is still quite nice, but a bit of a letdown after the truly glorious first 45 minutes or so. But all in all, this very much deserves a thumbs up.
Mar 25, 2017

The leather starts off a little like talcum powder (in a good way) and mixes well with the light tobacco and a good helping of honey. This is a very pleasing scent and for an EdC lasts pretty long and the sillage is very good. The price may be a bit steep but anyone who likes Creed Vintage Tabarome, Knize Ten, and Burberry London should give this one a shot. Overtime the scents meld together in a cohesive oneness that's very masculine and classy.
Nov 22, 2014

A sweet combination of citrus (i suppose lemon/bergamot and orange), dry woods (i suppose sandalwood and hints of cedarwood), (himidor) tobacco and leather with a subtle bitter aftertaste throughout and a touch of amber/vanilla (may be properly honey) in the blend. Acqua di Cuba is exotic, artisanal, balmy/fresh and clean. I detect some Cigar Remy Latour's vibe but the latter is more musky and less resinous and tobacco centered. Yes, never cloying despite its notable mildness, basically balmy (in a minimal and cool way) and slightly powdery. The wearer exudes at distance and aura of fresh, vaguely piquant, aromatic, classic and exotic (spicy, i suppose pepper and cloves) tobacco balminess with a slightly musty bitter feel that is finally unmistakably leathery and spicy. The transition towards the dry down can be slightly problematic because of some effectively "acrid"-- i would write "bitter/sweet"--(a touch of saffron or ginger?) feel along the trip, i suppose also due to some fir's resins presence in the blend. The dry down is an honeyed (in a balanced way) and spicy/leathery sweet tobacco scent soooo caribbean (vaguely sultry but never wild or carnal) type but basically so classic, dignified and daring. Wonderful bottle, more than good projection and duration. An high quality fragrance for sure.
Dec 11, 2013

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