Acqua di Colonia fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, lavender, lemon, petitgrain
  • Heart

    • clove, neroli, sage
  • Base

    • rosemary, musk

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A very brief-lived experience, but I am swung by the various mitigations of previous reviews. The notes work together here wonderfully. It's easy to detect lavender, bigarade, bergamot, petitgrain, and aromatics in concert, none taking the leading role. It doesn't last long but I guess the ephemera are part of the point.
15th June 2023
A perfect composition, constructed using the classic structure and themes of the eau de cologne genre, but with an unusually seamless effect thanks to Villoresi's keen craftsmanship. This has been meticulously finessed.
30th March 2023

Like a bespoke cocktail made from muddled herbs and citrus infused-liquor.a typical scent buy so well reminds me of something very polished and luxurious,but it's kind of carefree, relaxed luxury. invigorating, beautiful,classic, extremely refreshing and unisex however this remind me old italy in his best period and to me this is the soul of the italian gentleman.

The citrus is bright,juicy and beautifully enchanted by rich lavender and aromatic rosemary which,along with lemony soapiness, neither feminine nor masculine,this just has a clean and uplifting,gentle way about it.emerge at the very start of the mid notes.however, what truly elevates this fragrance is the neroli of the heart of this the base,there is a nice,enduring mix of musk and cloves.this is very suitable for someone wants to smell good without being overpowering or getting and headache.
8th August 2021
Lorenzo's colonia is a wonderful take on the classic cologne. Sharp citruses and petitgrain on the top followed by lavender, neroli. So far so good, but he adds his signature herbal touch, this time with sage, rosemary and cloves with a clean soapy musk in the drydown. A very high quality cologne that wears close to the skin. It doesnt last so long, which means i get to refresh a few times through the day with my handy atomizer, and get enjoy the journey all over again.
8th November 2020
Classic cologne with zesty lemon and lime, complemented by neroli and petitgrain and backed by sympathetic herbal notes of sage, lavender and rosemary – it's a recipe that can't go wrong for a summer refresher. The mould was created way back with the original 4711 cologne and the family is pretty tightly knit with minor genetic variation. It's familiar and pleasing and if the citruses are done right – as they are here – then just the thing for hot weather (until one gets bored with it). Villoresi's offering seems to have a high dose of naturals, so the dreaded screechiness associated with citrus-heavy perfumes is avoided. However, I do wish there had been some departure from the template, however slight – maybe a touch of rose or mint or pepper or even banana – to make it a bit more distinctive.
8th August 2020
Yaroslav's court by Vladimir Fedorovich Stozharov
13th August 2018
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