Acqua Colonia Pink Pepper & Grapefruit fragrance notes

    • Pink Pepper, Grapefruit

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People go to 4711 colognes for a handy refreshing little something, a few hours of uplift rather than perfumes of gravitas. My mother was never without a bottle of their classic Kölnisch Wasser, which she would apply to her temples and sniff from a doused handkerchief on particularly hot days.
Pink Pepper and Grapefruit performs this uplift function quite adequately, even if it may not smell particularly of the two notes of its name. The pink pepper, if used, was so sparing that my nose doesn't really perceive it. And the citrus is a sweet peelings scent with an undertow of powder to begin with which then gets increasingly lemony – none of which suggests the distinctive scent of grapefruit. Does it matter? – only if one believes in truth in advertising.
However, if one can put such considerations aside, this is a perfectly decent functional cologne, which could perhaps have benefitted from being a touch sharper, but will suit nicely on the kinds of days when one would rather bask in the shade than face the sun. Regular reapplications are a given for this genre, and the pricing reflects that.
1st December 2018