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Reviews of Accord Oud by Byredo

I find that Accord Oud has a lot of similarities to TF Oud Wood. It's not quite as sweet, at least in the "baked goods" sense that I get from Oud Wood, but it's well rounded and also a bit more musky. It's pretty pleasant, I'm not sure I prefer the scent to OW overall, but what I do prefer is the performance. OW never stuck on my skin for longer than a couple hours, this lasts all workday, and will stick to your clothes for days after. For niche prices, that's the kind of performance we deserve, so good on you Byredo.
Dec 15, 2019

Wooooow, I love this one. Masterpiece.
As some have said it has similarities of Tom Ford Oud Wood, but all I can say is this beats TF hands down, it has more staying power and smells far superior in my opinion.
I also feel this is better than Amouage jubilation 25.

And I am a big fan of TF and Amouage, but Byredo is an awesome house and from what I have tried so far, seriously addictive .I may have to try more from this line.

Accord Oud lasts on my skin for 10 hrs + easily and has gotten me a couple of positive compliments so far.
Initially it was Oud Immortel that I was after as that really caught my attention, and I am deffo going to get myself a bottle of that, and I cant wait.

Deffo recommended try for anyone that likes heavy classy woody frags.

Scent 9.5-10
Performance 10-10
Silage 8.9-10

Highly Recommended, go try this.
Oct 5, 2019

Byredo took a novel approach to the designer/prestige synthetic oud phenomenon in Western perfume by openly admitting theirs was an impression consisting of other materials, rather than trying to claim authenticity, as impressions or memories translated into scent form is part of the Byredo selling point anyway. Sadly, most of these memories have either failed to hit the mark (like 2011's Mister Marvelous), or they so accurately recall the smell of a commercial product that it makes no sense to spend so much money on a perfume modelled after said product (2014's Flowerhead), but the house claims a few victories here and there. As you might suspect, Accord Oud (2010) is not one of those victories, but also isn't completely horrible either. Problem is, when there's stuff like Dior Leather Oud (2010), One Man Show Oud Edition (2014), and Louis Vuitton Ombre Nomade (2018) or even Jovan Intense Oud (2012) that do it better? Oud Immortelle (2010) would come out from Byredo in the same year to do something different (and better) too.

The opening of this is somewhat "oudy" with saffron and rum creating a fermented kind of sweetness accentuated with blackberries and bergamot to get us in the right ballpark, but it's still rather tame and tamped down even when compared to similar creations from the Aramis Calligraphy (2012) line or Le Labo. At least the "Comet cleaner" scratch of Tom Ford's oud accord isn't present, but in its place is a sour old-school isobutyl quinoline leather note ensrhrouded in sage and patchouli to round it out. More of a classic leather scent than anything beyond this point, Accord Oud moves into the final stages of musk, Iso E Super, and some other early synthetic wood captive that dries out the finish. By the end, we have a sweet boozy leather and patchouli that from a distance can be mistaken for oud, but once you sniff up close, the show is over. Wear time is long but sillage is not intense. Accord Oud is the rare Western oud take you can use at the office too, which should speak volumes of it's composition.

Being as this launched in 2010 and there wasn't a glut of Western options, with the memory of Yves Saint Laurent M7 (2002) fresh in mind, plus Montale Black Aoud (2006) being something of a divisive scent then, I can see niche fans not into the direction Tom Ford took nor knowing of Dior's prestige lines falling for this instead. It's hard to really continue justifying your like for something you fell in love with long after better options have surfaced, because that's just how nostalgia works, so I give no guff to the fans of Accord Oud, and they technically outnumber me anyway. However, my opinion on this perfume dissents from the popular consensus among hobbyists and critics on the enjoyment of it, since I can't find the magic in what is basically an old drugstore leather scent retrofitted with oud-like oriental qualities and shipped off in a chic Byredo bottle for niche prices, because I came into this late and just know better is out there. Test and see for yourself as always, but a neutral rating is the best I can afford this "accord", even if I technically find nothing altogether unpleasant or untoward about the experience of wearing Accord Oud.
Aug 7, 2019

There is no oud in this, but an attempt to simulate the agarwood with a combination of leather and patchouli. Again; yawn, another one of those synthetic wannabe ouds, but aside form the egregious lack of originality it is not that bad in its execution.

At times a boozy undertone - white rum - and a fruitiness - hints of black currant - are present, leading into the base, where white musks combined with a creamy and pleasantly sweet caramel-like note that remains strong until the end.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and Avery impressive thirteen hours of longevity on my skin.

This synthetic and autumnal oud scent is less shrill or intrusive that many of the synthetic oud screamers out there, but its laboratory soup is not convincing. The base is nice, albeit very much déjà-vu. The most impressive characteristic of this composition is its longevity.

Another pseudo-oud, another two hundred dollars. 2.75/5.
Jul 21, 2019

killer projection...great discreet oud topped with blackberries...nice leathery note in the background...very classy and elegant...fresh and a little tad on the sweet side...i can see the comparisons to Jubilation 25...just missing the incense, but otherwise , would be a great alternative...very pleasing to my nose and worthy of a full bottle to me...dries down to a musky patch with a touch of oud...good stuff...
Nov 29, 2018

This is a straight up masterpiece and the best thing to come out from Byredo in my opinion. It doesn't smell like anything else out there (except perhaps Amouage's Jubilation 25). To my nose it smells of a very boozy rum with a strong note of blackberries, and oud in the background along with a hint of leather. It smells masculine, Middle Eastern, boozy, and powerful. Imagine Tom Ford Tuscan Leather but with blueberries instead of rasberries, and added notes of rum and oud. Blackberry is one of my favourite aromas, and this is probably the greatest blackberry fragrance in my opinion. Also it projects like a beast on my skin, while longevity is also strong. Overall it's a really fantastic masculine blackberry and leather fragrance.

Jul 21, 2018

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