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Accenti by Gucci

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Accenti is a women's perfume launched in 1995 by Gucci

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Reviews of Accenti by Gucci

There are 19 reviews of Accenti by Gucci.

Accenti smells like self-acceptance, like peace, like learning to love yourself and life wholeheartedly at the end. Like discovering the "secret" to life which was easy and there all the time: Flowing with whatever comes and goes, just staying by your own side. So smooth, so peaceful, so effortless. So you!

Peach, mandarin, jasmine, lily, sandalwood and vanilla. Nicely blended together to give a smooth, creamy and absolutely seamless cashmere-like composition. It feels both like cashmere and a fuzzy, juicy peach that you can almost touch and feel the gorgeous texture, if only olfactory senses could deliver the tactile ones too. I may just say that I wish the beautiful sparkling mandarin notes that the scent starts off with would last longer. 

This is not your typical syrupy-like peached that oozed of sugar like in candy. No, this is more of a soft yoghurt peach. Creamy, a little soapy/cosmetic, not overdone. Accenti is a potential scent, she can fill a room, but is the same time not suffocating. She is silky, and leaves whiffs in a fine trail behind you. Woman who wear this fragrance is soft sweet feminine but not boring she has innocent sex appealing just like John Meyer's song your body is a wonderland.

This makes complete sense if you think of it as perfectly 1995, halfway between the loud white florals of the 80's and the cheap laundry detergent fruity florals of the 00's.

So what does it smell like? Well, there's a floral core that seems to incorporate jasmine, rose, and lily, but in an artificial way that's still pretty, but pretty like soap instead of gorgeous like a grand perfume. There's fruit, especially on top. It reminds me of faux apple, but you could say cherry or fruit punch or strawberry soda and you'd still be correct - it's more like an artificial fruitiness than anything direct.

It's definitely got a musk component going as well. It's simultaneously soapy and like the smell of a fabric softener sheet in a hot dryer.

Given time, it greatly improves, as the artificial fruit fades, making way for creamy sandalwood to melt into the musks, creating a really nice Chanel-esque richness beneath the floral elements.

In a way, I find this frustrating, like there was a really grand perfume hiding underneath that fruity/laundry cheapness. That being said, even without the questionable fruit, the artificiality of the florals themselves means this can't hold a candle to Joy or No 5 extrait, so I just can't get onboard the Accenti hype train for multiple reasons. As such, it looks like I'm going to be the only non-thumbs-up. My apologies to Accenti's fans...

**This is a review of the EDT version of Accenti**

Accenti opens with a splash of clean, slightly aldehydic mandarin orange with hints of peach before moving to its heart. As the composition enters its early heart, the moderately sweet peach takes the fore, joined by a co-starring floral trio of almost plum-like honeyed jasmine, soft, airy rose and clean lily-of-the-valley, with the fading mandarin staying just detectable in support, pairing with slightly powdery vanilla and moderately sweet sandalwood rising from the base. During the late dry-down, the slightly sweet sandalwood and gentle dusty vanilla take the fore, with remnants of the peach remaining in support through the finish as the florals vacate. Projection is average and longevity above average at around 10 hours on skin.

Let's cut to the chase... Ropion has created a masterwork with Accenti. I am not a peach fan in compositions at all, but it is impossible not to be intoxicated with its masterful use in Accenti; coupled perfectly with the complex honeyed Dior Poison-like jasmine, airy rose and relatively clean, slightly indolic lily-of-the-valley floral trio. The sandalwood and vanilla are also used deftly, adding moderately sweet grounding to the peach-laced florals, then providing a well-integrated soft landing through the finish as they gradually take the fore. The composition from top-to-bottom smells absolutely incredible, with no note or accord seeming out of place, all melding together perfectly. The bottom line is the sadly discontinued $200+ per 100ml bottle on the aftermarket Accenti is some of Dominique Ropion's finest work and well worth seeking out even at its current lofty aftermarket price point earning an "outstanding" 4.5 stars out of 5 and a super-strong recommendation.

A bright mix of a fruity-orangey aroma with a core of aldehydes, touches of wormwood and untertones of forest berries - delightful and uplifting are the words that come to mind when enjoying these top notes.

Soon, very soon, an apricot/peachy tone combines with jasmine and muguet; but on my skin this never turns into a floral-dominated composition, as the fruity side plays an equally important part in the overall scheme.

In the base tonka and a soft patchouli are added, but until the end the brightness prevails to some extent and never leaves.

I get moderate sillage, excellent projection and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

This spring scent has a lovely opening phase that is the most convincing stage of its development; towards the base is looses intensity and the bright vividness of its components. Whilst not necessary the most exciting fragrance released as the result of Tom Ford's reign at Gucci, it is certainly one of the good ones. 3.25/5.

What a great old school, fruity, non apologetic fragrance that was created in the 90's but could have very well been manufactured in the 80's do to it's loud opening as many 80's fragrances were designed. This starts off with peach, raspberries & floral notes of rose & I also get some white floral as well.

There is vanilla, sandalwood & tonka in the base to add depth to the fragrance. It is a well balanced fragrance especially for a mass marketed designer brand. This opens up loud, heady & projects very well for the first 1-2 hours. And it last at least 8 hours on me as I am referring to the EDT. This is nothing short of a feminine fragrance. I for one hate to classify fragrances to the men/women category as I wear whatever works for my skin regardless whom it is marketed towards, tho I cannot help shake the feeling this is more suited towards the dames.

It is a shame that Gucci discontinued this beauty as this was when Gucci as a perfume house WAS one of the best in the mass market designer game. Since the fall of Gucci Envy for men, this house has taken a downward spiral into the gates of hell with it's current creations which are uninspiring & non pleasing to my nose. The great Tom Ford helped this house ALOT when he worked for them, but once he left, it was curtains & mini blinds for Gucci!

Lush, gorgeous, intoxicating opening with roses, peaches and booze... a monster opening if u like. a pity that its sillage drops quickly, and can only be detected closer to the skin after an hour or so. still, a classy voluptuous fragrance nonetheless!

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