Absolue Pour Le Matin 
Maison Francis Kurkdjian (2010)

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Reviews of Absolue Pour Le Matin by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

There are 8 reviews of Absolue Pour Le Matin by Maison Francis Kurkdjian.

The summery lemon-bergamot dyad is a very balanced affair. Fresh, not a strong blast but more of a fresh wind, it has an air of elegance about it. In the drydown a floral twist give rise to a delicious iris, a gentle but clear violent note and the occasional whiff of white florals. A clean neroli enhances the impression of fresh brightness, as it lacks any darkness or earthiness on my skin. The iris and the violet are beautifully executed, unashamedly floral but never heavily sweet or cloying.

Later a nice, slightly spicy amber develops that bends in beautifully with the floral core. Herbal undertones, mainly thyme with a transient whiff of cardamom, provide additional facets and depth.

The performance is highly respectable with moderate sillage, very good projection and an excellent ten hours of longevity.

Indeed apt for summer mornings, this citrus-floral scent with its gentle spiciness is well blended of good ingredients. And its performance is good too. 3.5/5.
Aug 2, 2016

Sampled this and couldn't smell it at all, even thought it was a fake so actually tried tapping the sample stick on my tongue to see if it was water, it wasn't, the scent has 0 smell, utter disappointment and wouldn't pay £5 for it.
Apr 23, 2016

This immediately put me in mind of when I was a young man and energy coursed through me. Bright, warm sunny mornings with freedom and many things to discover. Joyousness and excitement. Elegant, true lemons, bitter oranges, herbs and and unobtrusive orris powder without a single off-putting note or cloud in the sky. A perfect scent to wear while exploring ancient fortified seaside towns in semitropical neighborhoods. Absolue-tely a winner.
Dec 18, 2015

This is a beauty. The citrusy lemon aspect lives the entire length of this fragrance. The iris and violet have this clean powder effect while the white thyme adds this bright herbal fizz. It does kaleidoscope a bit through tartness, creaminess, soapy and clean. The neroli interplays off and on. I absolutely love getting wafts of this throught the day transporting my mind away from work. I just envision walking along the white sands of South Beach or along Los Muertos Beach in Puerto Vallarta with the breeze, palms swaying and waves rolling, just taking in all the beauty. A great fragrance to lift your mood up. A coworker said it reminded her of Nivea cream. Hmmmm. Great longevity, great sillage, great fragrance from Mr. Kirkdjian.
Jan 26, 2015

reminds me of Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche
White, pure, powdery, fresh, lemony. A good and tame altar boy.

Also may remind some of white almond frangrances like L'eau D'Hiver
Apr 6, 2014

Beautifully blended scent that last for hours. Elegant and sophisticated as everything made by Mr. Kurkdjian. Warm, deep, complex, slightly powdery...just like a Summer morning. At least worth trying.
Apr 3, 2012

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