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Reviews of Absinth by Nasomatto

My first sniff of this was in the summer when I was looking for a non citrus non aquatic freshy which ended up being Creed Viking. I perchance came across my sample bottle on Christmas Day and smelt it again.
This is a backbone of wormwood round which vetiver and dark green notes have grown like vines feeding off it and morphing and fermenting into its character.

Without having smelt or tasted absinth this feels like the smell of a concentrated liqueur or more accurately the inside of an aged oak barrel reminiscent of craftsmanship of a bygone era where it has been stored for decades accruing ridiculous monetary value over which connoisseurs dote , holding fine cut crystal glasses filled with priceless liquid up to the light, sniffing, tasting, swilling, discussing.
This is what Nasomatto has bottled for us.
Rich without the over heavy musk of houses like Amouage. Incidentally imagine a sharp Interlude Man without the thick musky oudy treackle which gives it so much body it struggles to get up your nose.
This is not to say Absinth is not heavy but it is smooooooth as well as potent and delivers its punch dead centre to your olfactory senses not stopping there but going forwards into the depths of your soul.
It juxtaposes sweetness and sharpness and makes it suitable for daily wear rather than just evening that alot of Amouages are including Journey Man which used to be a favourite of mine but I tired of it because of its silken sweetness.
Absinth lasts several hours on my skin and it gives me pleasure without suffering olfactory fatigue that many strong scents cause.
Is that not a sign of true mastery, making it look easy?
Who is this for? Confident strong men who make a clean sharp statement. This is so good it will give you confidence and as they say you can fake it till you make it.

Fragrance: 8.5/10
Projection: 8/10
Longevity: 8/10

Dec 26, 2019

Absinth has a nice sweet/woody essence that reminds me of Amouage Sunshine Man in that there is this sweetly, sharp green contrast with the woodsy background. I am not sure of the note breakdown, but there seems to be some incense, woods, semi-sweets, bitter pines, and some smokiness all wrapped into this fragrance.

As the dry down emerges, the fragrance settles into a nice woodsy sweet, yet slightly smoky fragrance that I think is very nice!
Jun 7, 2018

No green fairies, but man it does smell great. Absinthe is underrated and not talked about. We all know about Pardon and Black Afgano. This is very good in the summer time day or night. You will appreciate the wormwood and vetiver along with green notes. Easily one of my favorite vetiver fragrances. The only problem is the price and bottle size. Blind buy, probably not. You need to understand that this isn't going away after 3 hours- try more like 8 hours of sillage. This is what you wear for yourself and those who get close to you will either hate the woodyness of the fragrance or compliment how clean you smell.
Apr 24, 2018

This smells really great! I'm not familiar with the drink Absinthe, so I don't know for sure how accurate this fragrance is, but I can definitely smell some likeness with L'Artisian Parfumers Fou d' Absinthe, especially in the opening. I will say that I believe this Nasomatto version of Absinthe smells even better than the LAP version however. This is nice and woodsy, and I love the woods! Absinth also has better longevity than Fou d' Absinthe on my skin, which matters to me. The dry down smells like vetiver...specifically like Chanel's Sycomore, with the Absinthe aura hanging about instead of any smokiness. This is just a very enjoyable wear from start to finish. Absinth costs over $6.00/mil US however, so it's definitely not cheap.
Feb 28, 2018

I have been on a recent marathon of potential absinthe-centric scents to add to my wardrobe and this one is near the top of the list in terms of both accuracy and quality. In perfumery (so far) every absinthe scent is marred by either vanilla or excess wood, neither of which exist in the beverage. But I now understand that the notes derived from just the beverage itself would be so utterly fleeting as to be close to unmarketable.
Nasomatto's take on my drink of choice favors the woody side, giving a dry, rootsy feel with a particularly pleasant vetiver, like an apertif spilled into soil at the root of an old tree. I love this composition because it carries all the bitter and resinous greenery (wormwood, angelica) and tempers it so well with the given sweetness and musk (star anise, fennel). Whether or not this smells like absinthe (and it is certainly a close match) this is a beautiful scent to me in the very sense of the word, with decent staying power and a soft but confident projection. I usually balk at fragrances in this price range and end up settling for the occasional sample to get me by but this may very well be my next Derby. Six stars out of five.
Jan 30, 2016

Pretty good. Perhaps a bit rich and sweet which kept me from pulling the trigger, hint of vanilla/balsam also contributed to my hesitation. However, it does deliver a very good green-absinthe note (wormwood, licorice, fennel) with a woody dry-down.
Jul 18, 2015

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